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DJ toMU was born in Tokyo, Japan and started his DJ career in high school. Pushed by his love for music, he proceeded to New York to realize his dreams. He was deeply influenced by manipulating sounds into music that is created instrumentally by turntables, and hence pursued “turntablism” there. In 2000, he started playing for bands professionally and quickly established himself as he performed and experimented with numerous genres including Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz Funk, turntablism, etc.

As a professional solo turntablist, he became the first and only Japanese placed 2nd in the DMC New York 2005 finals. He returned to Japan later and quickly caught the eyes of Toshi Kubota, the pioneer of Japanese Soul and R&B music. Toshi Kuboto featured DJ Tomu in 2 of his tracks for his album “For Real?”.

Aside from being a world-class turntablist, he also started playing in the hip-hop band, OHGA Band in 2007, which emerged as “First Champion” in the “RED BULL SOUNDCLASH” – the first band style battle in Japan.

DJ toMU continues to be a prestigious and famous DJ in the circuit, and is currently heading his own DJ studio, Show Ning DJ Lab, for amateur DJs to pick up skills and gain experience.


About Show Ning DJ Lab:

DJ toMU is the founder of the DJ school with experienced and internationally known DJ-instructors, Show Ning lab provides Singapore with a DJ community where DJ enthusiasts congregate and hone their skills in addition to picking up fresh sets of skills. Courses of every level and area of interests are available with bundle packages that can take an individual from a novice to the expert level and exchange programme with the famous 3FAITHS DJ SCHOOL in Japan is also offered. It is located centrally at:

190 Middle Road
Fortune Centre 02-31A
Singapore 188979

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