Ho Zhen Jie


Videographer of Tree Potatoes


Ho Zhen Jie (or also known as the Potato Peeler) has been a videographer for the popular YouTube Channel, Tree Potatoes since 2013.


Zhen Jie first picked up a friend’s video camera at age 13, and immediately fell in love with the freedom to create his own works. 5 years later he bought his first camera and began his journey into wedding photography. With numerous weddings under his belt and in the midst of the DSLR video craze, he left his photography business behind and pursued his once-lost love in video production. Since then, Zhen Jie has shot for numerous corporate clients such as DHL, H&M and LG just to name a few.


Fast forward to today, Zhen Jie is now a member of one of the top ranking YouTube channels in Singapore, Tree Potatoes. Tree Potatoes is a Singapore-based YouTube Channel that was formed by a group of friends who came together to create original fun, quirky videos about the lifestyle and culture in South East Asia. It has grown to become the Top 3 Most Subscribed YouTube Channel in Singapore all within a short span of 6 months. At work, Zhen Jie handles the technical production aspects of every video that is released from the humourous bunch consisting of Aaron Khoo, Janice Chiang, Elliot Tan and Clifford Yow. Their 2nd video, “Differences between Dating and Marriage”, went viral and garnered a million views a month after the channel debuted.


Zhen Jie is currently the brand ambassador for Audio-Technica's System 10 wireless system. 


Products Used

Video Production

System 10 Camera-Mount

Portable Camera Mount Digital Wireless System
Video Production


Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone