Bubbly and vivacious, Ruby sparkles on stage one moment, hands dancing across her djembe, and surprises you the next as she digs deep and plumbs hidden emotional depths with soulful sentimentality (acoustic guitar optional). Tying this all together is a huge warm voice and irrepressible joie de vivre that has won Ruby the affectionate following of fans and deep friendships with her colleagues in music.

An avid singer since her days in the school choir, Ruby got her first major break in 2008 with the nascent Singapore Char Siew Baos, playing at Riverine at Robertson Quay, Em by the River (Gallery Hotel), Club 5 at Park Royal, and hitting the big stage in 2009 at the Esplanade Waterfront Lunar New Year Concert. The Singapore Char Siew Baos then went on, in 2010, to make a number of TV appearances on MediaCorp’s One Moment of Glory, as well as the President Star Charity 2010.

Not content to rest on her laurels, Ruby has also been penning her own songs in aid of the Singapore Cancer Society (2012), and West Coast CDC Earth Hour 2013, as well as for her upcoming EP Circles expected in December 2013.

Today, when not teaching or performing at private events, Ruby continues belting it out along the club circuit: be sure to catch her lovely vocals at Jewelbox at Mount Faber, Hood Bar and Cafe, Five Bar, and Da Paolo.

Ruby in Singapore Char Siew Baos
Featuring three self-confessed chubby friends, Singapore Char Siew Baos! consists of Ruby Chen on vocals, Jacob Teo on acoustic and electric guitar and Jason Loo on acoustic guitar.Aiming to spread our love for music through live performance, Singapore Char Siew Bao! hopes to bring more of our acoustic-styled brand of English and Chinese jazz and easy listening hits to listeners of live music in Singapore.




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