Get the best Music for your Sports: ATH-CKP200 ATH-CKP500

Thursday, 4 Apr 2013

Every brand can release earphones and claim that they are designed for sports, but few brands can truly fulfill all aspects of your exercise regime. When an audio specialist like Audio-Technica launches sports earphones, we not only design an all-round product but we make sure that sound quality remains our most important consideration. But what is most attractive about our sports earphones is that we keep them affordable because we understand the heavy investments on other sports gears. With the new ATH-CKP200 and ATH-CKP500, you get more quality for less.

Comfort and fit

The ATH-CKP200 and ATH-CKP500 is specially designed with an ergonomic fit so that you practically do not feel the weight of the earphones during your exercise. ATH-CKP200 has a hinged clip-on ear loop that adjusts around the ears for custom comfort while ATH-CKP500 sports an innovative C-shaped tips that nestle naturally in the outer ear to hold the earphones securely in place.


5 Water resistant

Lab tested and officially certified with IPX5 waterproof rating, both earphones are made to withstand sweat and rain. One can now exercise under the harshest condition without worrying about the audio device. Audio-Technica also made it effortless to maintain the earphones as ATH-CKP200 and ATH-CKP500 are both washable under running water.


The ATH-CKP200 and ATH-CKP500 includes interchangeable ear tips for sound isolation, and another set of ridged ear buds designed to allow ambient traffic noise. This minute detail is difference to keep you safe when you are cycling/jogging on the road or under other adverse environment. In addition, a cord clip is included to reduce any unwanted rubbing sounds during your workout.

Audio quality

The Japanese engineered φ8.5mm (ATH-CKP200) and φ8.8mm (ATH-CKP500) drivers deliver high quality sound with powerful bass and clear mid-high audio, unlike most water proof headphones that tend to be muffled. Its excellent audio performance no longer limits these earphones as sports equipment, but will be great even for your daily listening.

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