ATH-CKS55X/ATH-CKS77X – The bigger, bassier, more powerful eXperience.

Thursday, 27 Jun 2013

The compact ATH-CKS55X and ATH-CKS77X are the latest great sounding earphones from the popular Solid Bass line. Engineered specially for a deep sounding bass that do not compromise on the mid and high frequency content, these in-ear headphones are designed with various features that allow users to experience unimaginably full and textured bass.

Extra Chamber Mechanism

In addition to the main chamber, a uniquely designed extra chamber is positioned above the housing to increase bass fidelity. The specially-shaped extra chamber produces deep, accurate bass.

This is the cornerstone feature that makes these in-ear headphones truly made for the bass lovers.

2 Position Post

Like the precedessors, the ATH-CKS55X and ATH-CKS77X also feature the 2-position post design that allows the user to adjust the earpieces in 2 positions for a better fit and higher sound insulation.

Machined Pure Aluminum Body

For the ATH-CKS77X, the body is made of rigid, precisely-machined pure aluminum which controls unneccessary vibrations to provide clear sound and tight bass. Besides improving the audio reproduction, the metal body also comes in 4 stylish colours for ATH-CKS55X and 3 dashing colours for ATH-CKS77X.

Reinforced Cable Bushing

Both earphones are designed with reinforced and extended cable bushing. We recognised that most users tend to damage the joint between the earphones and the cable, thus the enhanced support will withstand the rough handling of these durable earphones.

Key Features for ATH-CKS55X / ATH-CKS77X

  • Extra Chamber Mechanism extends the bass clarity by increasing acoustic content and enhancing sound density
  • Machined pure aluminum body helps to eliminates undesired vibration, thus producing tight punchy bass
  • Perfectly engineered 12.5mm drivers to deliver clear, high-resolution audio
  • Exclusively designed drivers for ATH-CKS77X: Densely-magnetized precisely pressed drivers that deliver astonishing clarity
  • Two-position post adjusts earpieces for optimal fit and sound isolation
  • Includes two-tone colour earpieces (XS/S/M/L) and carrying pouch
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