Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass machine. Redefined and Refined.

Thursday, 27 Jun 2013
Singapore, 24 June 2013 —

Redefined and Refined. The new ATH-WS55X and ATH-WS33X boast the perfect combination of sound and style. From the popular Solid Bass series, these Audio-Technica masterpieces are specially designed for those who frequently listens to rock, techno and hip-hop music. This bass monster will make your body tingle and your heart beat to the rhythm of the music.

Creation of a Bass Machine

Fitted with an extremely large 53mm driver, which is normally used in audiophile headphones, the ATH-WS55X is all about giving you the maximum sound enjoyment in a portable-sized headphone. The massive driver also means that you can feel the full force of the reverberation.

In addition, the extra chamber in the headphones increases overall system damping to allow maximum bass expansion.

Comfortable Fit and Easy Adjustment

Both the ATH-WS33X and ATH-WS55X feature soft synthetic leather padding that sits comfortably around your ears. These headphones provide a comfortable seal that ensures the accurate delivery of bass reproduction and also reduces sound leakage to a minimum. The cushioned headband and the smooth adjustable slider ensure a comfortable fit even after prolonged usage.

Exclusive Design

Specially designed in Japan to create a Solid and Stylish look, the ATH-WS33X and ATH-WS55X are made of tough material, complete with an \aluminium spin-finish Audio-Technica logo. The ATH-WS33X comes in 3 different colours: Red, Black and White whereas the ATH-WS55X is available in Black and Black-Red.


Key Features for ATH-WS55X / ATH-WS33X

  • Newly developed Extra Chamber increases overall system damping for maximum bass expansion.
  • Exclusive large 53mm drivers in ATH-WS55X deliver massive bass sound, while ATH-WS33X 40mm drivers deliver energized bass reproduction
  • New headband design for greater comfort and better acoustic seal for accurate delivery of bass
  • Smooth, easily adjustable stainless steel headband slider ensures a comfortable fit
  • 1.2m Y-type cable and L-shaped stereo mini plug for portable devices
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