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Wednesday, 9 Oct 2013

Singapore — Audio-Technica kicked off their new “Own your Freedom” campaign with the launch of System 10 at the recent PALME Asia 2013 held at Marina Bay Sands. This campaign is targeted at users who are looking to own their first digital wireless system.

System 10 features a digital 2.4 GHz range, far from TV broadcast frequencies so it’s completely free from TV interference. The key feature about System 10 is that it’s extremely easy to use. The pairing of the transmitter and receiver, and the set up is a breeze with instantaneous channel selection. Three levels of sophisticated diversity assurance- a mix of space, time and frequency diversity, ensures reliability of the signal . It is also one of the most affordable wireless systems out there, making it a great choice for budding musicians who have always wanted to own their first wireless set.

As part of the campaign, newly endorsed System 10 ambassadors were also officially introduced at the PALME Asia 2013. These ambassadors were chosen by Audio-Technica for their achievements in their respective fields, as well as influence in the local music industry. System 10 ambassadors include: instrumentalists Brandon Khooand Simon Yong from Shirlyn and the UnXpected, and pop/rock string quartet VOX. They showcased their talents with a series of performances using the System 10. The wireless system allows these frequent performers to own their freedom and move without inhibitions at every performance.

System 10 Microsite
Audio-Technica also unveiled a microsite dedicated to System 10. The site contains detailed product information to help users in selecting the right System 10 instruments for them. A campaign video, featuring one of System 10’s ambassadors, has also been released there. Talented drummer, Brandon Khoo, shares in an exclusive interview how System 10 has helped him in his music career. The site also highlights the versatility and functionality of the System 10. It can be used in a myriad of ways whether you are a professional giving a presentation, vocalist or even instrumentalist- there are wireless handheld and belt pack choices available. It also has up to 8 channels that can be used simultaneously.

Own Your Freedom Collectibles
A series of Own Your Freedom collectibles have also been released, including a punk-rock looking System 10 sticker. The design of the sticker ties in with the whole idea of the campaign: to encourage users, especially budding musicians, to own their freedom by owning their first wireless system.

System 10 Collectibles
System 10 Collectibles

System 10 Ambassadors

Brandon Khoo is an avid drummer who first fell in love with playing the drums at a tender age of 11 and has since been playing professionally for over a decade. He now plays for the hard rock band Shirlyn and the UnXpected in Singapore. “As drummers, we need the mobility to move our arms freely but with a mic sticking in front of my face, I find it very uncomfortable,” Brandon Khoo shares, “There are also the physical set backs on the shoulders and necks from tilting my head to the side to sing into the mic.”

System 10 Ambassador Brandon Khoo
Brandon Khoo (Shirlyn and the UnXpected)

Simon Yong was inspired by the works of Nirvana when he was 17, picked up a guitar one day and hasn’t looked back since. Now, he is an established guitarist who has recently released “Alien Stole My Whiskey”, a progressive-rock guitar instrumental album. He also continues to educate young musicians as a guitar instructor at Thunder Rock School. He recalls the user-friendliness of the System 10 when he used it for the first time while opening for The Script at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in front of 10,000 fans. “I can’t believe I synced everything by myself, it was so simple.”

System 10 Ambassador Simon Yong

Simon Yong (Shirlyn and the UnXpected)

Singapore’s first Pop-Rock String Quartet, Vox, has revolutionized the classical music scene. By injecting a refreshing mixture of modern musicality to classical techniques, their bold reinterpretations of pop/rock tunes have upstaged the stereotype that classical and pop/rock genres do not co-exist. Initially, VOX had revealed that they were fond of expressive playing styles but felt the restrictions that wired microphones had traditionally brought about. Their performances were also limited by the event organizers lack of proper instrumental microphones, which could not translate their sounds properly.

System 10 has since improved the performances of VOX as they no longer have to face those limitations. The digital system allows much higher dynamic range and audio spectrum, allowing their playing to be properly translated. They have since gone on to use the System 10 in their performances including the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix, Formula One and Mont Blanc/Ferrari Event.

System 10 Ambassadors VOX 2


This phenomenal high-fidelity digital wireless system has the reliability, flexibility and professional sound quality that many have been waiting for.
To find out more about System 10 and the Own Your Freedom Campaign, visit the System 10 microsite at: http://www.audio-technica.com.sg/system10.

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