Interviewer: Naoki Nakabayashi   Editing: Phile-web Editorial Department
We want people who want to experience "true audio" to listen
with these products.
Nakabayashi : The debut of the CKR series further expands the Audio-Technica in-ear headphone/over-ear headphone product line. Where does the CKR series fall within the entire product line?

Kokubun : We envision the CKR series to be enjoyed in combination with high-resolution DAP and smartphones. The models invite users to simply enjoy true audio and music, rather than focusing on bass audio. They are tuned to bring out the natural expressiveness and brilliance in the audio, especially in the mid- and high-frequency ranges.
If you have trouble deciding which series to buy at a store, and if you're looking for good bass sound, I recommend the SOLID BASS series. If you're interested in neutral audio, I'd like you to try these CKR series models.
Nakabayashi : Having actually listened to the CKR series, I fully understand the advantages of the DUAL PHASE PUSH-PULL DRIVERS. My impression is that this series has reached a new realm of music playback by adding an innovative concept to the familiar dynamic drivers. The ATH-CKR10 provides an audio that has output sensitivity and tight, controlled bass, clear and mid-range vocal frequencies and accurate high-frequency response. I found that the ATH-CKR9 has a strikingly clean and airy sound field.
The ATH-CKR7 is also excellent. It offers realistic and three-dimensional audio. With jazz, it provides outstanding expressions of atmosphere and spatial depth. It also fits well in the ear. I think the ATH-CKR7 is a model with high value for the money and provides better sound than what is expected for its price range. Are you thinking about new models that will follow the CKR series?

Kokubun : Well, yes, we'll talk about that in the future when we're able to do so… Expect to see more of the CKR series in the future.
*Based on in-house research. As of February 2014. For in-ear headphones.