Dual Phase Push-Pull Drivers
13mm Drivers
High-Rigidity Titanium Housing
Features the world's first* "DUAL PHASE PUSH-PULL DRIVERS" to provide lower harmonic distortion.
  • Features uniquely developed DUAL PHASE PUSH-PULL DRIVERS to deliver tight, controlled bass, clear and even mid-range vocal frequencies and accurate high-frequency response.
  • Two 13 mm drivers with pure iron yokes for super-clear, ultra high resolution playback.
  • Highly rigid titanium housing minimizes frequency variation over the FR range.
  • Bass Acoustic Resistors improve low-frequency control.
  • The aluminum-sleeved plug helps reduce unwanted cable vibrations while the star-quad stranded wire further enables low-noise signal transmissions.
*Based on in-house research. As of February 2014. For in-ear headphones.