Choice cans of Shabir: ATH-M50

September 2014

Shabir's Bio


"I have been using Audio-Technica headphones since my early production days. In fact my first serious pair of cans used for monitoring purpose was the limited edition ATH-M50. Sometime later, I added the ATH-M50 red to my arsenal. The great thing about these cans is that you get a very transparent, clean and crisp sound from them. They do not give you extra bass or make your production sound extra good. It is honest and only speaks the truth so if you are terrible, it shows and that is exactly what you want out of a pair of monitor headphones.

Another great advantage is that Audio-Technica complements my quested monitors very well. I have a seamless transition when referencing material between the two. Mixes take shape beautifully with ATH-M50. I would highly recommend Audio-Technica headphones for any serious producer who wants to improve his mixing, production and overall listening experience. Listen to only the truth!"


          Songs Shabir has mixed using ATH-M50:

           1) Oonjalaadum by Shabir  
           2) Finally featuring Mark Bonafide and Ambrose 
           3) Maybe by Shabir      





Note: Our new ATH-M50x features the same coveted sound signature as the M50s, now with refined earpads and detachable cables.

For more information, visit: www.audio-technica.com/monitorheadphones

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