Choosing A Home Studio Microphone

25 Jan 2015

Choosing a Microphone

Studio microphones are one of the most crucial elements to any home recording studio. Choosing the right microphone for the right job will improve your sound quality immensely. 

Factors to consider

1. Microphone Character

Relying on the specifications alone will not be sufficient to determine if a microphone is suitable for you. Choosing the right microphone is more an art than a science, and it’s always best to test them out before making a purchase.

2. Microphone Pattern

It is important to select the appropriate microphone pattern (Cardioid, Omni, Figure-8) for your application. Things to take into consideration are, the environment you will berecording in, and the instruments that you want to record it with.

 (Photo credits to: Bandwagonmedia) 


Audio-Technica 20 Series

With the expertise gathered from making the 40 series studio microphones and from working with legendary producers like Phil Ramone, Elliot Scheiner and Alan Parson, we are proud to bring you the 20 series. We set out to raise the bar for affordable studio condensers, and started with the creation of the AT2020. A cardioid condenser that has inspired universal praise and the remarkable line of 20 series studio condensers. 


The Lineup



Three switchable polar pattterns: 

Omni, cardioid, figure-of-eight


Large diaphragm for smooth, natural

sound and low noise


Ideal for project/home-studio appliances


Side-address studio condenser with USB digital output (Windows and Mac compatible)


For more information about the 20 series, please visit here.



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