Audio-Technica SEA Partners with EBX Backline - Official System 10 Rental Partner

2 June 2015

Singapore, 02 June 2015 EBX Backline, the rental arm of Ebenex Music, has recently been appointed as the Official Rental Partner for Audio-Technica’s System 10 High-Fidelity Wireless System.

Established in Singapore in 2005, Ebenex has been focusing on providing MI Backline support for the past two decades. Ebenex specializes in providing local, regional and international artistes with premium concert grade guitar and bass amplifiers, keyboards, pianos, drums and percussion. From 2015, Ebenex Music will add Audio-Technica’s System 10 Hi-Fi Wireless System to its wide range of rental products.

We chose the Audio-Technica System 10 as it is very easy to use, reliable and readily accepted by most artistes. The wallet-friendly price point makes it a great consumer product, where artistes or musicians after using it at shows we provide, can proceed to buy their own set. Given that it's a digital 2.4 GHz wireless system, we also do not have to worry too much about traditional Radio Frequency (RF) clashes and signal dropouts. The range is great and even when running 8 simultaneous channels, the whole system are still stable.” enthused Mr. David Toh, Managing Director of Ebenex Music.

“The local music scene in Singapore is growing and it is getting better and better. There are numerous platforms for our local musicians to grow and develop and the rest of the industry like promoters and venue providers are all jumping on the bandwagon to help showcase our local talents. Ebenex supports a whole lot of local bands with their EP/Album launches on a regular basis, providing quality musical instrument backline as well as PA support and our first choice of microphones would always be Audio-Technica.,” added Mr Toh.

Having worked with Audio-Technica as a retail reseller for quite a number of years, Mr Toh believes that the thing that sets Audio-Technica apart is their support of the local music industry. “The effort put into supporting artistes such as Josh Wei, Gentle Bones and the Simon Yong band is something our team at Ebenex really respects and it's perfectly in line with our own company's mission to help our local bands, artistes and musicians achieve their Rock Star Dreams. Of course, the products themselves work great, are priced very fairly and the customer service and support from Audio-Technica Singapore is among the best in the industry.”

The System 10 is the latest brainchild of Audio-Technica’s Pro-Audio planning team and it was initially designed to provide performing musicians and presenters with advanced 24-bit operation, efficient setup and clear, natural sound quality. “The Audio-Technica System 10 Digital Wireless Microphones have progressed by leaps and bounds to provide a total solution for the musicians. With the line-up of Standard sets, Stompbox and Rack mountable sets, it truly provides rental companies with more flexibilities and options for their shows,” said Mr Teng Shaokai, Regional Sales Manager of Audio-Technica SEA.

“We are glad to have Ebenex on board with us as the Official System 10 Rental Partner in Singapore. We have been looking for a rental partner that is dedicated to the music scene in Singapore and has the capability to showcase the wonderful features and awesome audio quality of System 10. Now, we are truly confident that we have found a partner that is able to use System 10 to create a Rock Star Dream for all musicians”

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