SYSTEM 10 Interview series (Camera Mount): Full-time videographer Roy Chuang

29 June 2015





There is no doubt that Selfies, Vlogs and Instagram are all the rage in today’s society. People love taking photos and videos of everything and anything. But have you ever thought what it would be like to become a professional videographer or photographer? Last week, the Audio-Technica team caught up with full-time videographer cum photographer Roy Chuang to find out more about his role in the industry.


1. Hi Roy, first of all, we would like to get to know a bit of your background story. So how did you get involved in this industry? What made you want to continue this as a career?

I started my journey in photography since I was a teenager. Back then, I had a very strong passion of using technical know-how to create images and video footages and I guess what started out as a teenage hobby eventually evolved into a portfolio of works. Over the years, the style of my shoots, my social media following and my strong presence in the local model and talent community also contributed to many opportunities for collaborative projects to be made between different clients and partners.


2. Can you share with us your experience with Audio-Technica’s microphones?

We have been using Audio-Technica products for a long period of time. We started off using the ATR6550 mic on our cameras. It was rather good except for the issue of non-removable wire lead. Next, we had the ATR6250. The ATR6250 had a better build but we actually prefer the ATR6550 sound. At one point in time, we received a lot of interview jobs and that was when we got 5 sets of the ATR3350 lavalier mics. This is an awesome setup. Pick up is good, sound quality is fantastic. We actually use quite a number of these lavaliers, plugged into audio splitter, and it works great! After that, we purchased the AT875R Shotgun mic which we used with our H4N with our sound man.


3. We heard you purchased A-T’s latest product, the System 10 Camera Mount Wireless Kit. How do you like them so far?

Ah, news spread fast! Yes, recently we got the System 10 Camera Mount Wireless Kit. We were considering between the Sennheiser G3s, Sony and the Audio-Technica System 10. Other than the price point, the System 10 auto scan function works really well. No more hassle of pairing and switching channels from both ends. And best of all, no interferences from other RF sources as this works on 2.4GHz, and not UHF. We were worried initially about the 30m max distance as compared to Sennheiser’s 100m. But so far, it works well. Most of the time, we don’t need more than 20m. Initially, we bought the ATW-1701/MT830cW lavalier mic Kit. And due to the demands, we add on the wireless handheld mic to pair with the same system. We also upgraded the lavalier mic to the AT898cW for a more focus pickup. What can we ask for more, we have the complete A-T video mics to meet the demands of our clients!


4. Are there any particular microphones that you feel are particularly indispensable? 

Going wireless is the way to go. Although I love the wired ATR3350, sometimes, the wires get entangled and we would have a hard time in getting the knots out. The System 10 performs just as well as the wired ones. At the moment, we are doing lots of interview videos with MNCs. And definitely, Audio-Technica products would always be in our bags.


5. What is the greatest challenge in your work?

A: Once you convert your passion into a job, it’s difficult to balance and allocate time between work and passion. 


6. Any parting tips for aspiring videographers?

A: Get an understanding partner! Working hours in this line are never fixed and very often, jobs fall on important dates. My team was booked on Valentine ’s Day, my birthday and my fiance’s birthday for the past two years!


The Audio-Technica team would like to thank Roy for taking out time from his hectic schedule to share his story and valuable advice. We know who to look for the next time our company does a video or photo-shoot! 


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