SYSTEM 10 Interview series: David Toh, Managing Director of EBX Backline

29 June 2015




Audio-Technica has recently partnered with EBX Backline, the rental arm of Ebenex Music for its System 10 High-Fidelity Wireless System. Ebenex Music will be the Official Rental Partner for the System 10 High-Fidelity Wireless System. We caught up with Mr. David Toh, Managing Director of Ebenex Music and asked him a few questions regarding the new-formed collaboration.


1. Why did Ebenex Music decide to choose Audio-Technica’s System 10 as its main wireless system?

A: We chose the Audio Technica System 10 as it is very easy to use, reliable and readily accepted by most artistes. The wallet friendly price point also makes it a great consumer product, where artistes or musicians after using it at shows we provide, can proceed to buy their own set.


2. What are the main benefits of using System 10 during performances/shows?

A: Given that it's a digital 2.4Ghz wireless system, we do not have to worry too much about traditional Radio Frequency (RF) clashes and signal dropouts. The range is also great and even when running 8 simultaneous channels, the whole system is still stable.


3. How does System 10 help you in your day-to-day show?

A: We use System 10 wireless systems all the time. They are so easy to setup with the channel presets, and we used them to mic up 4 instruments wirelessly at the recent Music Matters Live 2015, K-Pop Showcase. The response was great. The versatility of the System 10 i.e. simple change of a cable converts it from a guitar wireless to a clip on wireless for violin etc, makes our job so much easier as we only need to bring 1 'master set' of 4 or 8 units (or as required), and only worry about what other mics to match for that specific show.


4. So why did you keep the full range of System 10 line-up, i.e. ATW-1102, ATW-1101, ATW-1501 and ATW-1322?

A: From a rental company perspective, we need to find the best possible value, where price meets performance. The System 10 offers just that. We believe in giving our artistes and musicians quality equipment and I am proud to spec anything within the System 10 product line-up for some of our largest live music productions. 


5. What are your thoughts about this new partnership between Audio-Technica and Ebenex Music?

A: We have worked with Audio-Technica as a retail reseller for quite a number of years and the thing that sets Audio-Technica apart is their support of the local music industry. The effort put into supporting artistes such as Josh Wei, Gentle Bones and the Simon Yong band is something our team at Ebenex really respects and it's perfectly in line with our own company's mission to help our local bands, artistes and musicians achieve their Rock Star Dreams. Of course, the products themselves work great, are priced very fairly and the customer service and support from Audio-Technica Singapore is among the best in the industry.



  Gentle Bones, Artiste Elite of Audio-Technica



6. How can this partnership benefit the music scene in Singapore?

The local music scene in Singapore is growing and it is getting better and better. There are numerous platforms for our local musicians to grow and develop and the rest of the industry like promoters and venue providers are all jumping on the bandwagon to help showcase our local talent. This creates many more opportunities for shows, which both Ebenex and Audio-Technica can play an active part in. Ebenex supports a whole lot of local bands with their EP/Album launches on a regular basis, providing quality musical instrument backline as well as PA support and our first choice of microphones would always be Audio-Technica. With constant brand visibility and familiarity, we hope to be able to make Audio-Technica System 10 wireless microphones the preferred choice for both our local musicians and overseas musicians playing in Singapore.


Audio-Technica is proud to be the Official Rental Partner for EBX Backline, the rental arm of Ebenex Music and we believe that this partnership will be a very meaningful and fulfilling one not only for both companies involved, but also for the larger music scene. 


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