Buka Bersama with Audio-Technica in Jakarta

3 July 2015

In conjunction to the Ramadan, Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) held an event together with PT Kairos Multi Jaya to announce their recent partnership as well as to introduce the full product range from Audio-Technica to all key customers. The event featured a live band performance, product explanations by the Audio-Technica team and a full-scale exhibit of the products.

For the performance, all members from the 7-men band, Charley and Friends, were equipped with Audio-Technica’s microphones. Both lead vocalists, Max and Debby, fronted the stage with the AEW-T5400a condenser microphones from Audio-Technica’s Artist Elite Wireless Microphones series. The saxophonist was equipped with the PRO35 condenser microphones which gave the saxophone the “sweetness” throughout the songs. The guitar cabinet was also mounted with the Audio-Technica work-horse, the ATM650.

The drum sets were also beautifully mixed with different Audio-Technica series microphones. With the all-time favourite AE2500 Dual Element Mic on the kick drums, the hypercardroid PRO25ax on the Toms and Snares, the AE3000 condenser mic beneath the snares, the AE5100 large diaphragm pencil microphones on the cymbals and finally finishing off with a pair of all- round AT2050 condenser mics on the Hi-Hats, the wide-range of Audio-Technica microphones enabled the band to pull off the exact drum sound that it wanted to create. 


 Charley and Friends


The event moved on with an in-depth session about Audio-Technica’s journey over the years by Teng Shaokai, Regional Sales Manager of Audio-Technica (S.E.A.). It was a light-hearted session to allow everyone to understand the concept and story behind each product range that Audio- Technica has built so far. To be able to differentiate the target applications and markets of each individual product line-up from Audio-Technica was the objective brought across to the audience. 


 Opening Address by Audio-Technica S.E.A. Regional Manager, Mr Teng Shao Kai


Next, came the highlight of the session, the System 10 Introduction. Audio-Technica views System 10 as a key product for the Indonesian market. With the spin-off of a Stomp-Box, Camera Mount ENG kit and a Dual Channel Installation kit, the System 10 line-up caters to all in the scene, be it musicians, journalists, videographers, or installers. “System 10 is such a wonderful tool created by Audio-Technica to cater to different market segments. But what we are trying to do here to let our customers understand the wonderful technology built by Audio-Technica to fulfill this wireless system at a digital and 2.4GHz transmission level,” highlights Mr Teng.

Ending off the event, there was a surprise appearance by Indonesia’s multi-award winning pop singer, Ruth Sahanaya, who blew the crowd away with her beautiful voice. Ruth recently converted to using the Artist Elite Wireless Microphone and Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) is proud to welcome her to the Audio-Technica experience. 



Surprise performance by Ruth Sahanaya


All in all, it was a very successful event and Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) looks forward to the many exciting years of partnership ahead with PT Kairos Multi Jaya. 


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