Audio-Technica’s First Experiential Centre at Capitol Piazza

23 October - 1 November 2015

Singapore - Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) organized its inaugural Redefining Sound experiential exhibition at the basement of Capitol Piazza from 23 October to 1 November 2015. In this experiential exhibition, Audio-Technica showcases its wide range of headphones, and educates the public on their various functions.


Redefining Sound features four different interactive zones that is very relatable to the daily consumer, comprising of a make-shift recording studio, a simulated gym, a model of a living room and even a replica of an MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) cabin. Through these interactive exhibits, the exhibition aims to give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the different types of headphones for different environments and usages.


In the make-shift recording studio, Audio-Technica showcased its best-selling models, the ATH-M50x studio monitoring headphones.

The world acclaimed ATH-M50x has won the hearts of many sound engineers, record producers and artistes all around the globe. Visitors can walk into the recording studio to test out these headphones for themselves and experience how Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50x has evolved over the years.



Audio-Technica’s replica of an MRT (Mass Rapid Train) cabin features its Active Noise Cancelling headphones.

It is very common for commuters to turn the volume os their headphones up to eliminate unwanted noises which is extremely hurtful to our ears and can lead to permanent hearing loss in a long run. With Audio-Technica’s Active Noise Cancelling headphones, you can listen to your music in a “noiseless” world with ultimate satisfaction. In Audio-Technica, we want you to understand that noise-cancelling headphones is so much more than just a tool to cancel out noise.



In the simulated gym, Audio-Technica displays its entire Sports Series : ATH SPORT1iS, SPORT2, SPORT3 and SPORT4.

Each Sport headphone has its unique characteristics, which is suitable for each individual. However, common in all four models, is the IPX5-certified waterproof feature and the Active Fit Safety Ear Tip. IPX is the international grading system to classify and rate the degree of protection against intrusion of water. The higher the number, the better the protection. Audio-Technica is proud to have one of the highest IPX ratings in the industry, allowing its consumers to exercise in wet weather without any worry of the headphones being damaged. With Audio-Technica’s Active Fit Safety Ear Tips, Audio-Technica sports earphones also allow runners to hear ambient noise, such as cars horning and cyclists ringing their bells, for safer outdoor usage.


Best received is Audio-Technica’s lifestyle living room, displaying Audio-Technica’s High-Resolution Audio, ATH-MSR7.

With more listeners demanding for high resolution sound from their headphones/audio source, it is important for Audio-Technica to have the right product for our loyal customers. Another highlight in this room is Audio-Technica’s range of turntables. Staying true to analog sound, Audio-Technica has a live demo set of AT-LP5-USB turntable which showcase A-T’s very own cartridges and tonearm. In Audio-Technica, our philosophy is to create products that brings joy to all age group of our customer. Having a strong heritage in phono-cartridges, everyone knows it matters to Audio-Technica when it comes to sound.

Apart from featuring its signature headphones, Audio-Technica’s Redefining Sound Exhibition has also lined up a full-range of activities to engage its audience.

During the weekends, Audio-Technica invited various local artistes, comprising of Yvette Atienza, Ruby Chen, Jacob Lim, Pam Khi, Jamiel Said, Lisa Haryono and Joanna Lim for a series of performances. Ear Specialists from The Hearing Solution Group also came down to share on “Healthy Hearing Habits” and provided free ear checks for Redefining Sound visitors. Audio-Technica positions itself as a responsible brand who loves its music. We know the satisfaction one can get from listening to music and we want to educate our audience on how to take care of their ears so that they can continue listening to the music they love.


 The Hearing Solution Group provided free ear check during our 'Redefining Sound' Exhibition


On 29 October 2015, Audio-Technica conducted a media tour for representatives from various media channels, influencers, artistes and its long-term partners.


Many came to show their support and everyone had a great time exploring the different zones, posting funny pictures on the Redefining Sound Instagram page (#atredefiningsound) and savouring the refreshments that Audio-Technica had prepared.


 Audio-Technica's Management with its ambassadors and friends.

Another highlight from the Media Tour was a speech by Audio-Technica’s Managing Director, Mr Vincent Chan, where he explained the objectives behind the Redefining Sound event and the direction the company will be taking in terms of community engagement and education in the near future. 


Audio-Technica's Managing Director, Vincent Chan giving a speech

All in all, Audio-Technica would like to thank our media partners, dealers, ambassadors, supporters and all our friends for making ‘Redefining Sound’ a resounding success.

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