Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) educates the next generation on Wireless Audio Technology


Singapore - This month, Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) held a course on “The Future of Wireless – Digital Vs Analogue” for the students of Lasalle College of the Arts’ Diploma in Audio Productions programme.



Audio-Technica at Lasalle College of the Arts


Throughout the 2-hours workshop, Mr Eugene Quek, Sales Engineer for Audio-Technica (S.E.A.), presented to the audience multiple insights from the audio industry. This included an “Introduction to Analogue vs Digital Wireless Technology” where he explained in detail the pros and cons of digital and analogue wireless systems, the “Applications and usage of Wired and Wireless microphones”, and last but not least “The future of Dante microphones”.


There was also a hands-on session where the students were given the chance to test for themselves the features of various Audio-Technica products ranging from the System 10 Pro Digital Wireless System to the 5000 Series UHF Wireless System as well as the ATND971 and ATND8677 Dante capable Boundary and Gooseneck Network Microphones solutions.


“Many engineers believe that wireless microphones are currently the easiest to use due to its convenience and flexibility. However, we came in and tested this view with the students. We want to educate them on the different factors involved, and challenge them to question each and every situation discretely”, says Mr Quek. “After this workshop, we want the students to have a deeper understanding of the different tools to use should the need arise in future; and we believe we have achieved this objective.”


Mr Eugene Quek sharing on the difference between Digital and Analogue


Placing its key focus on education, Audio-Technica’s Pro-Audio team has lined up a full series of workshops to be carried out around Singapore.


“We want to position Audio-Technica as a creative and unique microphone brand in the industry”, states Audio-Technica’s Regional Sales Manager, Mr Teng Shaokai, “In order to be creative, we need to keep the people in our industry updated with the latest information and relevant knowledge about Audio-Technica’s microphones. In recent years, Audio-Technica has launched several new products into the market to establish firmly our position in the audio industry. We have the world’s first Dante Microphones and we also have one of the widest ranges of 2.4GHz digital wireless system in the world. The best is yet to start for us but the future lies ahead with our next generation of youth. Hence, it is our responsibility to continue sharing our knowledge with them.”


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