Brandon Khoo chooses Audio-Technica microphones for drumming showcase at “Orchard Road Pedestrian Night”


Every first Saturday night of each month, a section of Singapore’s iconic shopping boulevard Orchard Road is closed to vehicular traffic and transformed into a happening, bustling pedestrian street where members of the public can enjoy free access to an array of different activities held on those grounds.


To kick off the new year, Pedestrian Night on the 2nd of January 2016 showcased an exciting lineup consisting of a colourful Chingay Meet-and Greet session, techie games by Samsung, and the main highlight: a fabulous stage show presented by HÅG group.   


Chingay Procession at Pedestrian Street


During the event, Audio-Technica collarborated with HÅG, Scandinavia’s leading designer and manufacturer of office chairs and seating solutions. To promote its newest line of ergonomic chairs, HÅG partnered up with various local acts to carry out unique performances at Pedestrian Night using the HÅG Capisco Puls to inspire confidence and imagination.

HÅG’s new line of ergonomic office chairs: HÅG Capisco Puls


With this in mind, HÅG invited Brandon Khoo, Singapore’s top rock drummer, to tailor a drum session using a traditional drum set as well as chairs from HÅG. Khoo, who plays for popular rock outfit Shirlyn & The UnXpected and also instrumental rock group The Simon Yong Band, opened the show by getting the audience tapping to the rhythm of his drums. With his jovial personality, boyish mannerisms and his signature distinctive beard, Khoo engaged the audience with 10-minutes of heart-pumping drum action, and a creative play on the HÅG chairs that ushered in a jolly “WE WILL HÅG YOU” chant from the crowd.


Rock drummer Brandon Khoo demonstrating his HÅG chair


Prior to the event, Khoo specifically requested for Audio-Technica microphones during his showcase. “I make sure the instruments that I use, sing. But to project the exact sound that I hear behind the drum set to an audience, I need a mic that I can trust. Audio-Technica gives me that trust, that trust to know that my sound is not compromised, trust that the microphones are of the highest quality and most importantly, trust that they will always be there for me”, explained Khoo.



Brandon Khoo’s microphone-of-choice: Audio-Technica


A student of Glen Sobel and Dom Famularo, Khoo has been working with Famularo to bring the “Freestroke Technique” to drummers in Singapore and was recently mentioned in Modern Drummer Magazine, the #1 drumming magazine in the world. Khoo is currently a featured artist of TRX Cymbols, Aquarian, Cympads, Groove Juice, Vater Drumsticks, and Mapex Drums. He is also the official ambassador for Audio-Technica’s System 10 Digital Wireless Systems.


Brandon Khoo's Microphone List:

  • 1 x ATM250 - Kick Drum
  • 3 x ATM350 - Snare, Tom, Floor Tom
  • 2 x AE5100 - Overhead L, Overhead R
  • 1 x ATM450 - Hi-hats
  • 3 x ATM610 - HÅG chairs


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