Audio-Technica is the preferred choice for microphones at Timbre

16 March 2016

Singapore  -  Timbre fans can look forward to more high quality music coming from the 6-outlet Singapore establishment as after 5 years of successful collaboration, Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) has once again renewed its partnership with the Timbre Group.


Timbre, the music lifestyle group, has always been an avid supporter of the Audio-Technica brand and have often specifically encouraged the use of Audio-Technica’s products at its various outlets.


Over the past couple of years, both organisations have been working hand-in-hand to build up the local music scene here in Singapore. This has created the likes of programmes such as Singapore Originals and Xin Chuang (新创) where budding musicians are given a platform to showcase their skills and talents to an audience who appreciates their music. 



Singapore Originals at Timbre Substation ft. Stopgap


With Audio-Technica’s top-of-the-line Artist Elite microphones installed in Timbre and Switch live music venues across the city, participants of the Singapore Originals and Xin Chuang programmes are also provided with the best equipment to help them achieve their dreams.


Apart from the recurring programmes such as Singapore Originals and Xin Chuang, Timbre Group’s Co-founder and Chief Creative Director Mr Danny Loong is also looking forward to doing more wiith Audio-Technica’s partnership this year. One key focus in the pipeline is to expand Timbre Music Academy, Timbre’s music education arm, into a full fledged recording studio and to equip it with Audio-Technica's best recording microphones.



A sneakpeak into the Timbre Music Academy


“Timbre Group is delighted to be working with Audio-Technica and taking the partnership with them to a whole new level in 2016.”, says Mr Loong. “We look forward to creating new content and discovering talent through this collaboration, with a shared goal of supporting and pushing the boundaries of the Singapore music scene.”


Similarly, Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) strongly believes that there is a large amount of synergy present in its collaboration with the Timbre Group.


Regional Sales Manager, Mr Teng Shaokai represents the company when he states “We started our partnership with Timbre since 2011 and never looked back. The common vision towards music keeps our directions aligned. In Audio-Technica, we believe in heightening our connection to the world through sound, a connection that strengthens communication and brings people together. In Timbre, we found that common vision. We are very pleased to be involved in expanding the Timbre Music Academy this year. Together we would like to bring out the best in individual musicians.”



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