Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) introduces “The Master Plan” for the Masters of Singapore’s Audio Industry

27 May 2016

For the last 5 years, Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) has always upheld the philosophy of supporting local music in Singapore. This has led to the development of several artiste programmes including the “Artist Elite” programme and the “System 10: Own Your Freedom” programme. Both programmes have contributed to Audio-Technica’s branding in the local music industry and also forged close relationships with many artistes and homegrown talents.


Now that the company has touched the lives of musicians, Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) would like to reach out to another sector of the music industry: Audio Engineers and Composers. The Master Plan, a programme designed specially by Audio-Technica (S.E.A.)’s Regional Manager Mr Teng Shaokai and his Professional Audio team, was created with the aim of supporting local audio engineers and composers to attain their fullest potential through the use of top-of-the-line Audio-Technica products.


Audio Engineer Leonard Fong doing what he does best


“Audio-Tecnica (S.E.A.) has been working with various audio engineers and composers in Singapore for the past few years. In our collaborations, we realized that there are many talented individuals in Singapore who has contributed not just to the local music scene but across Asia. Being the creative backbone of the music industry, Audio- Technica would like to work more closely with them”, says Mr Teng.

The Master Plan will include feedback sessions for Audio-Technica’s products and brand. “Our objective for The Master Plan is to create a channel for two-way communication between the manufacturer and the key users”, adds Mr Teng, “Audio- Technica’s product philosophy is to build products that customers want and to stay true to our slogan “Always Listening”. We hope that through this programme, we will be able to gather valuable insights from the top engineers and composers in Singapore. This in turn would assist us to come up with even better products to meet the demands and needs of the professional audio industry in Singapore and in the region”.

To embark on this programme, Audio-Technica has specially selected five renowned audio engineers and composers from Singapore: Frank Lee, Gao Yang, Leonard Fong, Rennie Gomes, Ricky Ho. All of them are equipped with either Audio-Technica’s flagship studio headphones, ATH-R70x or ATH-M70x, and the premium line-up of Audio-Technica’s studio microphones.

Audio-Technica's flagship studio headphones, ATH-M70x and ATH-R70x


“The whole team from Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) is very excited about this program. With this program, it allows Audio-Technica to be entrenched deeper and further into the music industry as well as post-audio production for the film industry”, enthused Mr Teng. “We are really pleased to have outstanding recording, mixing and mastering engineers such as Frank, Gao Yang and Leonard on this program. We are also proud to be working with Rennie and Ricky, a reputable post-production audio engineer and renowned music composer respectively. Combining Audio-Technica’s heritage in developing microphone diaphragm, we aim to work closely with all of them so as to develop the “sound” that Asia needs.” 



“The Master Plan” Audio-Engineers and Composers:



About Frank Lee

Frank Lee is one of Singapore’s most established mixing engineer and studio designer. With many years of experience under his belt, Frank is highly proficient in both studio and live sound. Some of his career highlights include recording the album Mad Chinaman that broke Dick Lee into the Japanese market, producing local act Humpback Oaks’ highly acclaimed debut album Pained Stained Morning, and getting nominated for Best Audio Engineering for Kit Chan’s album at the 2012 China Music Media Awards. In the local scene, Frank has mixed for homegrown musicians such as Wicked Aura Batacuda, Jack and Rai, Opposition Party, etc. At the same time, Frank has also delved into the regional industry where he has mixed for big names with the likes of Jackie Cheung, Emil Chao, A-Mei, Gigi Leung, Eric Moo, JJ Lin, Tanya Chua, Stefanie Sun, Karen Mok, Aaron Kwok, and many others. Always the man-behind-the-scenes, Frank is partly responsible for the success of many live concerts including A-Mei’s Asian Tour, the 2015 Sing50 concert, and JJLin Live in Singapore at the Esplanade Concert Hall. In recent times, Frank has also handled the tracking and mixing of Spotify Live Sessions for international artistes Yuna and Hunter Hayes.




About Gao Yang

Gao Yang has more than 20 years of working experience in the music industry as a music arranger and producer, and recording and mixing engineer. Driven by a passion for music, technology, high-quality audio and attention to detail, he set up Pavane Recording Studio in 2006 in order to pursue his dedication towards the art of recording and mixing. Some of the projects that Gao has recorded/mixed include the 15th Asian Games Opening Ceremony in Doha, the inaugural 1st Youth Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the Singapore National Day Parade, Chingay Parade, Singapore Idol Grand Final and Asia's Got Talent. Gao Yang is also very active in the local musical scene in which he has recorded the soundtracks for Dick Lee’s Fried Rice Paradise, Hotpants, and Beauty World, and Dream Academy’s Dim Sum Doliies. To top it off, Gao has worked with international artistes including Mariah Carey, David Foster, and Laura Fygi. With all this experience that he has accumulated over the years, Gao enjoys teaching in schools and sharing his knowledge with the younger generation to help them grow to their fullest potentials.



About Leonard Fong

Leonard Fong is currently one of the most renowned sound engineers in Singapore. Ever since he was in secondary school, Leonard has been playing the guitar and writing songs. As he grew older, his interest in music and audio productions became stronger and this sparked young Leonard to enrol himself in SAE’s B.A. in Recording Arts. In 1999, Leonard joined the industry professionally where he became a studio manager in Form Recording Studio which was then the largest commercial recording studio in Singapore. Apart from his work in the studio, Leonard was also an adjunct lecturer in Ngee Ann Poly where he educated many aspiring sound engineers on the knowledge and skills required for the job. Up till today, Leonard has engineered music albums for many top-notch artistes throughout Asia including Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin, Kit Chan, Tsai Chin, A-Mei, Jackie Cheung, Eason Chan, Nicholas Tse and Wang Lee Hom. He has also done live recordings for international artistes such as Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, AKON and Hoobastank through the MTV Asia shows. When he’s not working with artistes, Leonard is busy engineering for music orchestras or mixing sound for television/cinema commercials. Currently, Leonard is the founder and owner of recording studio, Horus Studios.





About Ricky Ho (Left in picture)

Born in Hong Kong, but raised and based in Singapore, Ricky has been composing music for film and producing/arranging many of the definitive contemporary albums in the Asian and international music scene. A graduate from the prestigious Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, Ricky majors in what he enjoys most - writing music for motion picture and conducting orchestras. Ricky has worked with and arranged for orchestras in most parts of the Asia Pacific, such as Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taipei; mixing a unique combination of modern orchestral styles and Asian sounds. Ricky has won many awards from all over the world for his score of Bank of China's "Girl by the River" TV Commercial. He was also Finalist for "Best Music in a TV Campaign" at the prestigious British Design and Art Direction (BDAD) Awards 2001 for his work on Nippon Paint's "Xinjiang" commercial. As a successful music producer, Ricky has contributed to the success of major recording artistes such as Tracy Huang, Eric Moo, Dick Lee, Jacintha Abisheganaden, Sammi Cheng, Sally Yeh, Anita Mui, Alan Tam, Leon Lai, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chen, A-Mei, Su Rei, Teresa Teng, Wang Jie, Jeff Chang, Young Tigers, Wang Lee Hom, Sky Wu, Rene Liu, Zhang Qing Fang and many others.




About Rennie Gomes (Right in picture)

Rennie Gomes wears several professional hats as Film Mixer, sound designer, audio engineer and Managing Director. In late 2009, Rennie spearheaded Yellow Box Studios’ most adventurous venture to date. Together with his partners he built Singapore’s only Dolby Certified Film Mixing facility and a Film Scoring stage to cater for their increasing regional film clientele. In 2011, Singapore’s first 3D film – Bait was mixed on the Yellow Box Dubstage which became a sizeable blockbuster film in China. His award winning advertising credits include 4 D&AD nominations one of which for producing and co directing a music video and another for sound design plus a Bronze in The Singapore Creative Circle Awards 2007 for his music composition on “Missing”. Rennie has also worked with pronounced directors like Emmy Award winner Robert Chappel, Asia’s film stalwart Eric Khoo and awarded director Royston Tan. 2015’s highly acclaimed Singapore Collaborative film 7 Letters had his hand in sound designing Royston’s piece and 5.1 mixing the entire film for Dolby Cinema release. In recent times, 2015 saw Rennie’s work on the HBO horror/thriller TV series ‘Grace’ win in the category of best Sound Design in the Regional 2015 Apollo Awards. 

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