Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) brings "The A-T Exploration Tour" to Timbre!

14 July 2016

Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) has made its first stop-of-the-year for “The A-T Exploration Tour” at the Timbre Music Academy last week.

 “The A-T Exploration Tour” was initially launched in 2015 to reach out to the next generation of musicians, engineers and educators in the music industry, and in doing so, allow them to explore and understand Audio-Technica’s heritage and product offerings on a deeper level. Since then, Audio-Technica has led a series of workshops in local educational institutions comprising of Nanyang Polytechnic and LASALLE College of the arts.

This year, Audio-Technica is expanding its scope to extend these workshops not only to schools but also to its partners in the local music scene; one of them being the popular music lifestyle company, Timbre Group.



Timbre Arts House


A strong supporter of music and the Arts, Timbre and Audio-Technica have much in common and this synergistic bond has created a strong working relationship between the two organisations. Since 2013, Audio-Technica has been the Official Microphone Partner for Timbre Group and its microphones can be heard during live performances in all the Timbre outlets.


Local band Enec.e performing at Singapore Originals, Timbre Substation


One of the key focus in the partnership is to expand Timbre Music Academy (TMA), Timbre’s own music school, into a full fledged recording studio and to equip it with Audio-Technica's best recording microphones. On one hand, this move allows TMA’s students to have the chance to use top-of-the-line audio equipment in their projects and on the other hand, through interacting with the products, they can further learn and be exposed to the capabilities and functions of Audio-Technica microphones.

To ensure that their students are educated on the most comprehensive and up-to-date technical information, 10 TMA instructors attended a microphone workshop led by Mr Eugene Quek, Technical Support Engineer of Audio-Technica (S.E.A.). This workshop was specially designed to further equip these instructors with miking tips that they can later pass on to their students. Through the informative 2-hour workshop, Mr Quek shared with the instructors on understanding microphones and creative microphone techniques.


Mr Eugene Quek teaching the TMA Instructors about polar patterns


After the theory lesson, the instructors’ vocal prowess were then put to the test during the hands-on practical session. 


Timbre’s Creative Director, Danny Loong, and TMA instructors trying out Audio-Technica microphones


Every single instructor was given a selection of Audio-Technica microphones to audition, so as to hear the different soundstage of each microphone for themselves.



TMA Instructor Monk showcasing his favourite Audio-Technica Microphone


“It was the first time that we have worked with educators, instead of students, and working with these professionals, we had to go more in-depth to assist them in expanding their knowledge on microphones,” said Mr Quek. “Overall, it was a very good experience and I believe both parties have learnt from one another. The workshop also definitely strengthened the relationship between Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) and the behind-the-scenes heroes of Timbre Music Academy. With this, we are confident for more tighter collaborations in future.”


Presenting the Timbre Music Academy Instructors!


Moving forward, Audio-Technica has plans to bring “The Educational Tour” to more schools in Singapore and even replicate the workshops for their dealers and partners. 


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