Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) goes café-hopping with the AT-LP60-USB

2 July 2016


Are you obsessed with the aroma of freshly-grinded coffee beans? Does your heart beat a little faster every time you cut into a perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict and start squealing as the yolk flows out? Do you have more photos on your phone of saliva-inducing food dishes than pictures with your loved ones? Lastly, do InstaTags such as #cafelife, #coffeegram, #coffeelove, #coffeeaddict, and #cotd sound familiar to you?

If you have answered “YES” with a burning passion to every single one of the questions above, then stay where you are because Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) wants to reach out to you!

With the launch of its new turntables, Audio-Technica – a renowned manufacturer of quality audio equipment – is bringing its products straight to the favourite hangouts of its target customers through a 6-month Instagram campaign starting from July this year.


The “Cafes x Turntables” campaign is an inaugural marketing initiative and the brainchild of Audio-Technica (S.E.A.)’s marketing team. Led by General Manager Ms Cassandra Koh, the team aims to raise awareness of its turntables and regenerate the hype for analogue products. 

From the mid-70s, Audio-Technica was the largest manufacturer of phono cartridges in the world with an extensive product line-up, in addition to manufacturing cartridges for no fewer than 40 different global brands. Since that time audio and entertainment has become highly digital but Audio-Techhnica has never ceased to innovate – not only through its range of analogue phono cartridges, but also in developing and producing two of the most important elements of the audio chain: microphones and headphones.

Fastforward to the 21st century, Audio-Technica is now a market leader in both the microphones and headphones industry. But with a growing demand for analogue products, Audio-Technica is now tapping back on its roots more than ever to include turntables into its wide range of products.

“Currently, there has been a resurgence of interests in turntables in America and Europe on a scale we have ever imagined.”, explains Ms Koh. “Vinyls are flying off the shelves, turntables are popping up in living rooms, cafes and offices all across the country. We believe now is the best time to hop on the bandwagon and bring this trend to Asia. With our history in cartridge-making combined with state-of-the-art technology, Audio-Technica is more than equipped to lead the new wave of modern-day turntables.”

Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) views Singapore as the market leader to embark on this exciting mission. With high purchasing power and a desire for constant innovation and change, Singapore is the perfect place to kick off the “Cafés x Turntable” campaign.


“But why cafes?” This is the question many might ask.

Ms Koh answers this simply by factoring it to the customers who frequents these cafes. “Café- goers are people who are willing to pay $6 for a cup of latte compared to just a $1.10 kopi-o from the coffee shop down the street. These are the people who are willing to pay for what they want, not just what they need.” 

“Café enthusiasts also tend to have more alternative interests. Many of them are attracted to quirky items, good music and retro gadgets. We hope that by bringing our turntables to them, it will be able to raise their awareness and educate them on the usage of these novelty lifestyle products. This campaign also serves to highlight to our target audience that analogue is still very much alive. We hope that through our little interactions, it will be able to pique the interest of these old-school (but still very cool) gadgets once again”

The campaign will witness a collaboration with 6 of the coolest cafes in Singapore consisting of KKI, Kombi Rocks, One Man Coffee, The Betterfield, The Lokal and Tolidos Espresso Nook. From Japanese Zen to retro vans to industrial fans, each of this outlets come with their own unique concept and offerings so as to cater to the wide range of café-lovers in Singapore. 

On top of that, Audio-Technica has also joined forces with some of the biggest retail brands in the market to offer their turntables to the Singaporean public. On one hand, there are the big chain stores such as Challenger and POPULAR, both of which have multiple outlets all across the island. On the other hand, there are also the hipster specialty stores such as Retrophonics and Curated Records. Most of these places offer a one-stop shop for customers who are interested in buying not just the turntable but the vinyls as well. To cater to the increased shift towards online shopping, Audio-Technica has also partnered with e-commerce sites Lazada and Retrocrates for the purposes of this campaign.

“By creating a 3-way joint collaboration between the manufacturer, the dealers and the cafes, we hope to maximise the core benefits for our end-users and in doing so, increase customer engagement and brand affinity,” says Ms Koh. 



From July to December 2016, each of the 6 cafes will house one set of Audio-Technica’s AT- LP60-USB fully automatic belt-driven turntable. Customers will be encouraged to visit these 6 cafes to take part in an Instagram competition and stand a chance to win attractive Audio- Technica goodies. Each month, the top 3 posts with the most number of likes and shares will win a pair of exclusive Audio-Technica in-ear headphones (Worth S$168). At the end of the 6- month campaign, the post with the most number of overall likes and shares will walk away with the star of the show: AT-LP60-USB (Worth S$188).

At the same time, customers who purchase this turntable from any of the participating retail outlets during the campaign period will receive a free pair of Audio-Technica earphones (Worth $168) and additional perks from the 6 café joints. This will come in the form of a voucher placed inside the packaging of the purchased turntable.

For more information, stay tuned to www.facebook.com/AudioTechnicaSEA.



Boasting a combination of style and function, the AT-LP60-USB is an entry-level model perfect for the budding turntable enthusiast and music-lover. Not only is it super easy to play with just a press of the button, it is also extremely light at 3kg and comes with a USB output to convert all your beloved songs from your vinyl into digital format. Despite its ultra low price, the AT-LP60- USB delivers outstanding sound performance and has been voted countless times as one of the best entry-level turntable sets around.

The AT-LP60-USB is selling at a recommended retail price of S$188 via the following retail channels: Challenger, Curated Records, Lazada, POPULAR, Retrocrates and Simply Music.

For more information, please visit sea.audio-technica.com/products/turntables/at-lp60-usb. 





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