Audio-Technica x Cathay Photo: Audio Advice With Justin Loh

1 November 2016

Singapore, October28th, 2016 — It was an evening of sound advice as Audio-Technica, in collaboration with Cathay Photo, held an audio advice workshop for would-be sound enthusiasts with the help of renowned location sound recordist, Justin Loh.


Audio-Technica’s selection of microphones on display


The event was conceived as a series of educational workshops to both inform and educate beginner to amateur audio personnel on the various aspects of sound recording; a knowledge gap that Audio-Technica felt exists in the industry. Justin Loh agreed. “I think it is a great idea to have workshops like this to share knowledge with industry professionals. It gives them an insight into what we do, how we did it and the amount of stuff we have to do to produce that soundtrack you hear. I would like to thank Audio-Technica for giving me this honour to do this.”

Jasmine Quek, Marcom Executive at Cathay Photo added, “We feel that this collaboration with Audio-Technica was pretty successful. We had an overwhelming response in signups and the turn-up rate actually exceeded our expectations!”


The Friday workshop began with Mr Chen Jin Fu, Sales Team Leader at Audio-Technica S.E.A. Pte Ltd, taking the eager crowd through an introduction of Audio-Technica’s audio history and the various different microphone categories to tackle all audio requirements and environments. Attendees were treated to an easy to understand presentation with examples of different microphones used during real world scenarios. It included some slides on how Audio-Technica set up microphones for audio capture during the Summer and Winter Games, inside knowledge the crowd appreciated.


Renowned location sound engineer recordist Justin Loh then took to the floor to impart his experience and share some anecdotes of his numerous film projects. Justin has an extensive portfolio ranging from films to studio sounds to commercials. He has worked with major television studios such as HBO, Discovery Channel, Fox Networks and Mediacorp. He is perhaps more well known for his work on famous local films such as “Ah Boys To Men I and II” and particularly, the recent “Apprentice”, which made a showing at the Cannes Film Festival this year in 2016 and which won the director, Boo Junfeng, the Rising Director Award at the Busan Film Festival 2016.


Justin Loh inspiring the attendees with his on-set anecdotes


During the workshop, Justin revealed that the director of the “Apprentice” movie, Boo Junfeng was the first director who had challenged him constantly to create the perfect soundscape to fit into his vision of the movie. From the sound of a slow whirling fan, to the uncomfortable creaks of a hanging rope, Justin had his work cut out for him as he devised novel ways to make these sound effects a reality; a refreshing change for a veteran as experienced as him. For those movies, Justin deployed Audio-Technica BP4025, BP4029 and BP896 microphones.



Justin Loh receives an ATH-m50x headphone from Audio-Technica as a token of appreciation.


The attendees and presenter clearly enjoyed the free and easy session. Justin later commented, “I enjoy having relaxing sessions like this. People are more relaxed and questions comes out more freely instead of just me talking all the time. This crowd couldn’t have been better; as they asked lots of questions and shared their own experiences as well.”


In fact, Jasmine also observed that Justin “dished out a lot of good advice and was able to help solve many of the participants’ questions and concerns.”


As a token of appreciation to Justin who had taken time out of his precious schedule to share his experiences, Audio-Technica presented him with a pair of ATH-M50x studio monitoring headphones. The ATH-M50x studio monitoring headphones is Audio Technica’s most critically acclaimed headphone model praised by top audio engineers for its accurate audio monitoring across an extended frequency range.


With the success of this workshop, will Justin consider conducting more of these? “Definitely!” he exclaimed. “I will definitely do this again. As long as people are willing to listen, I’m happy to share.”

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