Finest thing in life - Sharing Session @ A.R.C. Coffee

16 Sep 2017



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More about the Finest thing in Life sharing session: 

For Music

It's just "Analogue" Music

Our speaker:

Foo Say Keong - A Communication Design lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic who also has a great passion in music, mostly analogue music. 

Say Keong will be sharing with us his personal journey with analogue music and hopefully for those who are thinking of starting or are just starting out, will find his sharing helpful. Say Keong owns more than 2,000 vinyl titles. As a Design lecturer, he feels that collecting physical vinyl records helps to “keep design alive” in his mind, since many visual elements associated with music – the art on album sleeves and concert posters – expose him to a wide variety of designs and their latest trends.


The journey to becoming a professional DJ Turntablist


DJ Tomu - Professional DJ

DJ toMU was born in Tokyo, Japan and started his DJ career in high school. Pushed by his love for music, he proceeded to New York to realize his dreams. He was deeply influenced by manipulating sounds into music that is created instrumentally by turntables, and hence pursued “turntablism” there. In 2000, he started playing for bands professionally and quickly established himself as he performed and experimented with numerous genres including Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz Funk, turntablism, etc.


For Coffee

The Origin of Coffee, History of Coffee, Coffee Evolution & Taste Characteristics

Our speaker:


John Ryan Ting – Singapore National Barista Champion 2015

John Ryan Ting is a name that is synonymous with the development of Singapore's coffee scene. An active volunteer with the Singapore Coffee Association, he strives to bring up the next generation of baristas and coffee professionals in Singapore. In his daily work, he heads the A.R.C. training programs and roastery. 


For Photography

Take your inspiration in capturing detail-rich pictures a notch up in an enriching photography talk with EOS photographer Isaac Benjamin Ong. 

Our speaker:


Issac Ong - Isaac’s love for photography started off with him playing around with his mother’s old film camera from a long-gone era. During Secondary School, he took up a DSLR again, learning the basics from scratch. Fast forward five years, and Isaac has now evolved into a semi-professional photographer, grounded in many genres such as portraiture, landscape, events, Macro, and even dabbling in uncommon genres such as infrared and tilt-shift photography.

He likes to shoot on the spur of the moment, looking out for interaction and action, and dislikes image manipulation as well as most major trends online. If he’s not shooting or exploring Singapore in his spare time, Isaac can be found with a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate with a book, preferably with a few cats.

With his trusty Canon gear, Isaac’s always looking out for a good picture. 

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