Finest thing in life - Sharing Session @ Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

18 Oct 2017



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More about the Finest thing in Life sharing session: 

For Music

Our speaker:

Handling and Care of Vinyl Records, Sonic Differences between First Press and Re-issues and Upgrading of Turntable Cartridge

William - A Vinyl Enthusiast

William grew up loving music reproduction high fidelity (hifi) system. A Music lover first and gear nerd distant second. Bought and still owned his first hifi (much lower fidelity then) system since 1986. Currently operating audiosound as an entity that embraces music reproduction system (finer hifi) from around the globe, representing Audio Technica as an valued added reseller too.



For Coffee

What is coffee, Specialty vs Commercial coffee, Third Wave coffee, Q&A

Our speaker:


Jacob Tan - Co-founder/owner of Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

Born into a family passionate about coffee, Jacob is currently the third generation in the coffee business.

Jacob is a Certified Q Arabica Grader awarded by the Coffee Quality Institute. Besides running his coffee business, Jacob is also a trainer in various hospitality institutions in Singapore and won 2nd runner up in Singapore Cup Taster 2017.

A strong advocator for quality coffee, Jacob seek for the best coffee beans. He believes in providing nothing but the best coffee to his customers.



For Photography

Framing stories through pictures

Our speaker:


Edgar Su - A photojournalist with an international news agency based in Singapore who covers day-to-day news events locally and regionally in Asia.

His photography reportage work has taken him across Asia; from political meetings between world leaders, major sporting events and conflict zones covering protests and demonstrations and even royal funerals. 

Edgar counts the coverage on the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the disappearance of MH370 in Malaysia amongst the most memorable in recent times. 

When not on assignment in Singapore, he is on the constant look-out for interesting stories to tell, indulging in street photography and  framing scenes of daily life in the rapidly changing city. 

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