Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) unveils <Wireless Journey . Feel Connected> project at new Funan Showsuite

6 Jan 2018





Singapore, 5 January 2018 – Having celebrated A-T’s 55th Anniversary last year, Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) Ptd Ltd gets full steam ahead in 2018 by unveiling the <Wireless Journey . Feel Connected> project at the new Funan Showsuite.


Audio-Technica has gone through various changes from the ages of vinyl to the first released of CD. Although a company must change in accordance with times, following the trends is not the only thing that is required of a company. Through these 55 years, we continue to maintain and develop our technology and to harness the “know-how” in order to create new products.


As we celebrate our 55th Anniversary, we never forget to push forward even more using our accumulated technology and responding to the demands of this current new age while maintaining the value of our history and tradition. To embrace the new challenges ahead, Audio-Technica launches the ATH-DSR9BT which is the World’s First Pure Digital Direct Drive Bluetooth Headphones. This headphone has set the tone for Audio-Technica and the industry by creating the best audio quality headphones that one can ever hear from a Bluetooth headphone till date.


With this, Audio-Technica is proud to launch a series of our latest Bluetooth products- Solid Bass Series, SonicSport Series, Street Style Series and the Sound Reality Series. 


Solid Bass Series- A Powerful Listening Experience


Audio-Technicais adding two new wireless headphones to its Solid Bass lineup: the over-ear Hi-Res Audio-capable ATH-WS990BT with active noise cancelling for enhanced listening, and the over-ear ATH-WS660BT. Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass headphones are designed to deliver impactful bass along with smooth, accurate midrange and treble, and combine a potent sonic impact with Bluetooth® technology, long-wearing comfort and ease of use.


Street Style Series- A Stylish Listening Experience

Audio-Technica is debuting its over-ear ATH-S200BT and in-ear ATH-CK200BT wireless headphones, two models that bring high-quality wireless listening to you and for you anywhere you go.


Sound Reality Series- A Clear Listening Experience


Audio-Technica has expanded its high-performance Sound Reality headphones lineup with the introduction of three new in-ear models with Bluetooth® technology. The ATH-CKR75BT, ATH-CKR55BT and ATH-CKR35BT are designed to deliver an outstanding wireless listening experience along with the convenience of answering/ending calls and controlling music and video playback on compatible Bluetooth wireless devices.


SonicSports Series- An Active Listening Experience


Audio-Technica revamps its SonicSport Series with new wireless in-ear headphones. The new ATH-SPORT70BT and ATH-SPORT50BT offer fitness-oriented features including a stay-in-place ear hook design, IPX5 waterproof-rated construction, built-in mic and controls for smartphone and portable device operation and more.



<Wireless Journey . Feel Connected> Concept


Audio-Technica started its research and development years ago to acquire the “know-how” to develop Bluetooth Headphones that doesn’t sacrifice on the sound quality. Having launched the ATH-DSR9BT and ATH-DSR7BT, we have firmly established ourselves in the wireless connectivity world.


With this, we spin off to revamp all our other series by introducing a full line-up of wireless products. This is how our wireless journey all started. Because of the new trends and new challenges, Audio-Technica reinvent and study our values carefully.


Looking back at the strong traditions and engineering capabilities that we have, Audio-Technica moves forward by working endlessly to develop our traditional analog headphones which easily comes under the technology platform that A-T has created all these years while further strengthening our brand value through this product. In parallel, we made breakthrough in our wireless headphones development to meet the current market demands and setting the tone for the headphones industry.


We have identified 4 core segments which affects everyone’s life each day. Commute (On-The-Go), Work (Communicate), Sports (Active) and Leisure are things that everyone does perhaps daily. True to the philosophy that our founder has set “Quality products for everyone…”, Audio-Technica has developed the range of products to fulfill these 4 core segments with high quality sound and good cost to performance ratio.


And with this, we realized A-T has created a network of products that allows end-users to feel the freedom while remain connected to the world. This became the very basis of our campaign in 2018 - <Wireless Journey . Feel Connected> 


Core Segments:


Commute (On-The-Go)- Solid Bass Series, Street Style Series

Work (Communicate)- Sound Reality Series (SR Series)

Sports (Active)-  SonicSport Series

Leisure (Luxury)- DSR Series



Audio-Technica X Funan Showsuite 


As reported, the New Funan Shopping Centre will be re-launched during the last quarter of 2019. This new mall will be featuring a new experiential retail concept that might change the whole retail landscape in Singapore. Used to be an iconic IT Hub of Singapore, Funan will retain its root while placing a strong emphasis on working with online partners, local talents and mixing arts and technology in one location.  


In recent years, the retail landscape changes rapidly with the rising of online stores and the changing shipping habits of consumers. However, with developer CapitalLand Mall Trust new innovative idea, Audio-Technica wants to take this opportunity to unveil our <Wireless Journey . Feel Connected> project in the Funan Showsuite. Audio-Technica would like to embrace this new experiential concept together with our <Wireless Journey . Feel Connected> concept. Apart from this, Audio-Technica believes it is important for us to play our role as part of the IT/Electronic industry members to support local movement.


With this opportunity, Audio-Technica will re-create the Funan Showsuite and convert it into a A-T Showroom concept. There will be 5 key aspects which A-T would like everyone to experience- Visual aspect, Experience aspect, Interactive aspect, Exclusivity aspect and Enhance level of Interaction.


Visual Aspect- 

This will be A-T’s new products static display area whereby visitors can let their imagination run wild after viewing the individual product display.


Experience Aspect- 

Visitors’ get to experience and listen to all the new products that A-T will be launching this year.


Interactive Aspect-

Let our friendly A-T ambassadors guide you through the concept area and explain to you the development idea behind each of our product.


Exclusivity Aspect-

Visitors’ are allowed to get close and listen to all A-T’s audiophile series headphones which one doesn’t get this kind of chance often.


Enhance Level of Interaction-

To allow visitors to experience the close association between Art and Music, Audio-Technica is glad to invite TR853-1TM , one of Singapore top local street art artists, to paint an art piece with the idea of <Wireless Journey . Feel Connected> for Audio-Technica. Visitors get to see him performing live on 5th January between 5-7pm while his artwork will be showcased to the public on 6th January between 11am – 7pm.


About the Product Introduction 2018:


Funan Showsuite (Open for Public)

Address: Junction between Hill Street and High Street

Date: 6 January 2018, Saturday

Time: 12pm – 7pm


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