13 Nov 2017

1.            Understand you graduated from NTU. A typical graduate would have taken a traditional path of finding a well- paid job with good career prospect. Why did you choose this path instead?

Music has always been a passion of mine, and I started playing music as a hobby in school. I never really thought that I would become a full-time musician, but as I performed more and more, I met more people who gave me opportunities and people who liked my music. The opportunities kept coming so I eventually decided that I would turn full time. I am very very fortunate to be able to continue on this journey!


2.            As an experience song-writer whereby you participated in many competitions, involved in many concerts, I believed you have the chance to meet musicians/artistes from other countries. Could you share with us more about the difference between overseas musicians and local musicians

I believe the differences are that overseas musicians may benefit from a larger and more consolidated infrastructure within the music industry, which Singapore can also benefit from. As the market is more mature overseas, with larger markets, musicians overseas tend to be more ambitious and clearer about their career paths. However, the passion and love for music are the same and I believe that Singaporean musicians can make their mark in Singapore and in the world if we try.


3.            What kind of advice would you provide to our local musicians if they would like to make this their full-time career?

 Be prepared to work hard and stay positive! There are many challenges in the music industry and it is important to stay mentally healthy as well as take care of yourself in the process.


4.            Next, not everyone has the ability to be a singer-songwriter, did you receive any formal training on songwriting before you embark on this?

I am a self-taught musician, so I learnt a lot of the things I know from my friends and experiences like working with more senior producers! I also spend a lot of time figuring out things like the arrangement, lyric writing, and production. I'm not the best at it but it helps in the songwriting process to understand these things!


5.            Now, let’s shift our attention to your new EP 本能 (Unlearn), can you share with us the background of this song?

This song is about a relationship that grew to a point that it became unfeasible to continue. The violin sessionist Kim has done a fantastic job interpreting the song and conveyed the suffocation and conflicting emotions in the song.


Ling Kai launches her new EP本能 (Unlearn) at Switch


6.            You have selected Switch by Timbre as the venue for this launch, are there any particular reasons?

Switch has been a great support for local music, and I am happy to do the launch there, especially with Audio-Technica equipment for my show!


7.            We have a curious question for you. We know that you have been collaborating with A-T for quite some time. Could you share with me how did you discover A-T and why you have chosen A-T as a close partner?


I have always used AT headphones and equipment for my recording and I like the quality of the products! I got my first recording mic from AT and I really enjoyed it so it is really great that AT could work with me as a partner.


8.            Moving on, what are your future plans for this EP launch. Any secrets that you can leak for your fans?

I am continuing my work on promotion and marketing and will be travelling to the region for some activities!We will update everyone as soon as we have more details. I am also writing for a few projects as a composer and arranger for local drama series, I hope you guys will stay tuned for that!




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