Headphone Amplifier


High-resolution sound source.


  • 2 vacuum tubes in preamplifier realizes rich and deep sound.

  • Top-picked audio parts for ideal hi-fi sound reproduction.


Maximum output level (10% at the time of 16Ω, THD) 500mW +500 mW (10% at the time of 32Ω, THD) 300mW +300 mW (10% at the time of 64Ω, THD) 150mW +150 mW (10% at the time of 150Ω, THD) 60mW +60 mW (10% at the time of 300Ω, THD) 30mW +30 mW
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 100kHz (-3dB)
Total harmonic distortion (32Ω, 20mW output) 0.25% or less
Signal-to-noise Ratio 100dB or more (JIS-A)
Power Requirements DC15V 1.2A (using the supplied AC adapter, Japan only)
Input Jacks Line input (Pink jack x2)
Output Jacks 6.3mm Stereo Jack
Dimensions H79 × W105 × D142mm
Weight (body only) About 615g
Accessories AC adapter