Headphone Amplifier


Optical digital input equipped to achieve the sound playback of high purity.


  • Adopted high performance D / A converter capable of handling 24bit/192kHz
  • Made of high rigidity aluminum body to reduce unwanted vibration to provide high quality sound


Maximum Output (10% at the time of 32Ω, THD) 300mW +300 mW
Frequency Response Amplifier unit: 10 ~ 100kHz (-3dB) (-3dB, 192kHz at the time) 10 ~ 70kHz: D / A converter section
Total Harmonic Distortion Amplifier section: 0.0008% or less (32Ω) / (0dBV, 1kHz at the time) 0.005 percent or less: D / A converter section
Signal-to-noise Ratio Amplifier section: 108dB or more (JIS-A) D / A converter section: 100dB or more (JIS-A)
Power Requirements DC15V
Power consumption Rated power consumption: 4.4W / Maximum power consumption: 6.3W
Input Jacks Line input (pin jack × 2)
Output Jacks Headphone output (φ6.3mm standard stereo jack), (Pin jack × 2), rectangular optical digital output through output line
External dimensions H44 × W105 × D142mm
Weight (body only) About 465g
Accessories AC adapter