Digital Conference System


Whatever your conferencing or discussion needs, the ATUC-50 is designed to offer reliable, clear and intelligable communication to significantly increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness. 

Offering a fully digital system, the ATUC-50 offers a scalable system of up to 150 units, with both daisy chain and ring topologies for reliability, limitless 4 track recording, control over web remote and flexibility through multiple modes and a nonspecific chairman unit.

Using standard CAT5 (and above) cabling, and using two different lengths of gooseneck microphone with a LED ring connecting via standard 3-pin XLR; this is a truly versatile system, offering a reliable and effective way to speak and be heard.

  • Excellent speech intelligibility with built-in feedback suppressor and individual delegate voice processing.
  • Up to 150 discussion units.
  • Daisy chain or ring topology connection through Cat 5e and above cables.
  • Voice activation mode for free discussion plus a variety of manual modes.
  • Built-in audio recorder to external USB memory devices.
  • Control available through Web Remote interface and third party IP Central Control Systems.
  • Expandable and scalable system design.


Control Unit Specifications

I/O CONNECTORS Inputs: MIC/LINE x 2, AUX (ST), Interpretation Return x 2 Outputs: Balanced x 4, Unbalanced x 1 LINK/CHAIN: DU A/B terminals, CU A/B terminals (DU C/D terminals)
Recording (via USB) WAV: 1/2/3/4track with CUE point (BWF standard) MP3: 1/2track with CUE point (Original format) MP3 bit rate 96kbps/128kbps/256kbps
Resolution/Sampling frequency 24bit/48kHz
Latency MIC input to Output: 1ms
Frequency response + 1.0, – 2.0dB, 20Hz~20kHZ, refer to +4dBu output @ 1kHz
Dynamic range 110dB A-weighted
Signal to noise 90dB A-weighted
Headroom 20dB
Equivalent input noise Mic/Line 1-2, less than -126dBU, Rs=150 ohm
Residual noise Less than –96dBu, A-Weighted
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.03% @1kHz unity
Crosstalk @1kHz Less than -80dB
OLED display 20x2 Character type, Color: Yellow, Operating life time: 100,000 hours
Phantom power DC +48V
Power requirement AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 20W ~ 196W (max.)
Operation temperature 0~40°C
Dimensions (1 RU) 482.6mm x 324.3mm x 44mm (W x D x H)
Net weight 3.4kg
Finish Front panel - Black, Top & Low Reflectance - Black
Included accessories AC power cord, Quick Setup Guide x 2, Euroblock connectors x 9, Warranty Sheet

Discussion Unit Specifications

I/O Connectors Inputs: MIC (Neutrik XLR-F) Outputs: Headphones x 1 LINK/CHAIN: DU RG45 A/B terminals
Resolution/Sampling frequency 24bit/48kHz
Frequency response + 1.0, – 2.0dB, 20Hz~20kHz, refer to +4dBu output @ 1kHz
Dynamic range 101dB A-weighted
Signal to noise 81dB A-weighted
Headroom 20dB
Equivalent input noise Less than –121dBU, Rs=150 ohm
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.03% @1kHz unity
Phantom power DC +24V
Power requirement DC +48V
Power consumption 2.2W
Operation temperature 0~40°C
Dimensions (W x D x H) 135mm x 148.3mm x 83.7mm
Net weight 570g
Finish Top panel - Grey, Top & Rear- Black
Included accessories Quick Setup Guide, Warranty Sheet