SYSTEM10 Performance

SYSTEM10 Performance img

A or B mode

With the tap of a foot, musician can toggle between outputs (e.g., for switching amps).

A or B mode img 1 A or B mode img 2 A or B mode img 3

A or B mode img 4

A or B mode img 5


A Mute mode

With the tap of a foot, a musician can mute or unmute one output without muting the other (e.g., for convenient tuning).

A Mute mode img 1 A Mute mode img 2 A Mute mode img 3 A Mute mode img 4

A Mute mode img 5


Multi Pairing

A single receiver can be paired with up to eight body-pack transmitters, allowing users to easily switch between instruments without having to move a body-pack from one instrument to the next.

Multi Pairing img img 1 Multi Pairing img 2 Multi Pairing img 3 Multi Pairing img 4 Multi Pairing img 5 Multi Pairing img 6 Multi Pairing img 7 Multi Pairing img 8

Battery Indicator

Easy-to-read digital ID and transmitter battery level display and AF Peak and pair indicator lights.

Battery Indicator img 1