Warranty Information


Every Audio-Technica product you have purchased is covered by a limited warranty for a period of one (1) or two (2) years from its original date of purchase. To find out the exact warranty coverage for the product you have purchased, please refer to the warranty table below. Audio-Technica will repair or replace any part or parts of the faulty unit which may prove defective under normal use and service during the offered warranty time period. Please retain your sales receipt (or warranty card) as proof of purchase for a valid warranty claim. 



All earphones and headphones 
(unless stated otherwise)

Except models given as FREE promotional gifts / under $18.

1 year

 All microphones 1 year  All turntables 1 year

All New Audiophile Series (Models ending with an 'X')
Except A900X LTD

2 years        

Professional Series
ATH-PRO500MK2 & ATH-PRO700MK2 only

2 years        
Ear Suit Series
ATH-ES500, ATH-ES700, ATH-ESW9a only
2 years        
Active Noise Cancelling Series
ATH-ANC7b-SViS and ATH-ANC9 only
2 years        



This Audio-Techinca unit is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner, subject to the following terms and conditions.
The new 2 years warranty is only valid for selected models (see above) purchased after 1st August 2014.

The following cases are not covered under warranty:

(a) any non-factory-installed electrical/electronic components; 
(b) damage or defects due to alteration, misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, extremes of temperature or humidity or abnormal strain; 
(c) accidental or intentional damage; 
(d) damage in shipping; 
(e) external damage on cables (exposed wirings, cuts, tears, etc.); 
(f) the repair/replacement of expendable maintenance items including, but not limited to, ear pads, headpads, windscreens;
(g) cracking or other damage to the finish after seven (7) days of purchase; 
(h) any damage from accessories (casings/housings/pouches, head band parts, ear cups, ear buds, extension cables, air plane adaptors, battery etc.); 
(i) a unit whose serial number has been defaced; 
(j) any item/s included free on a purchase;
(k) sound characteristics (sound is a subjective matter and is not warranted); or 
(l) any item not purchased from an authorized Audio-Technica retailer.