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Audio-Technica Releases New Wireless Headphones with 60-Hour Battery Life, ATH-S220BT
Listen, Play, Communicate Lightweight Headphones with Superior Comfort Overview On-ear wireless headphones with all-day comfort. Enjoy music, videos, games, and communicating online with this lightweight, relaxed-fit design. Connect wirelessly or with the included cable to various devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Up to 60 hours of battery and simultaneous multipoint connectivity offer stress-free usage all day. Fully immerse yourself in videos and games with extremely low latency. Listen, play, and communicate with less stress and more satisfaction. Features 1. ..
Audio-Technica Releases Its New Work From Home USB Microphone and Headphone Starter Pack, ATGM1 PACK
Overview Audio-Technica offers work-from-home solutions for staying connected. Working from home has become the new normal for many. It can require some adjustment but can be made easier with the right equipment for staying connected. Audio-Technica offers a variety of audio solutions that enables you to keep in touch with your co-workers. ATGM1-USB Microphone The ATGM1-USB desktop microphone is a compact directional USB microphone that delivers exceptional vocal clarity while blocking out unwanted noise. The high-value ATGM1- USB has an unobtrusive profile that’s ideal for videocon..
Audio-Technica Unveils Its Next Generation ES945 and ES947 Boundary Microphone Variations

The new boundary microphones were designed with input from leading contractors and system integrators and set new standards in performance and installation options.

Audio-Technica Releases New Stereo Headset in South-East Asia, ATH-770XCOM

Take Your Remote Work Environment To The Next Level

Audio-Technica’s Releases New Digital-To-Analog Converter, AT- DAC100

This compact desktop unit is compatible with Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and other high-definition formats to reproduce every detail of the original recording.

Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100

The increased popularity of high-resolution digital sound sources has resulted in a growing need for high-quality sound with balanced hi-fi headphones.

Audio-Technica Releases New ATH-G1 & ATH-G1WL Premium Gaming Headset

Enjoy Immersive Studio-Quality Sound with New ATH-G1 & ATH-G1WL Premium Gaming Headset!

Audio-Technica Releases Limited Edition AT2020V & AT2020USB+V – VISION Edition

Limited-edition mic with reflective chrome finish. A new vision for 2020 and beyond.

Audio-Technica Releases Limited Edition AT2020TYO

AT2020 side-address microphone has long been praised for its affordability and performance, elevated by Audio-Technica's stringent quality and consistency standards.

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