A Conversation with Artist and Illustrator Kentaro Yoshida

A Conversation with Artist and Illustrator Kentaro Yoshida

A Conversation with Artist and Illustrator Kentaro Yoshida

A Conversation with Artist and Illustrator Kentaro Yoshida

A Conversation with Artist and Illustrator Kentaro Yoshida
A Conversation with Artist and Illustrator Kentaro Yoshida
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A Conversation with Artist and Illustrator Kentaro Yoshida

A Conversation with Artist and Illustrator Kentaro Yoshida

Kentaro Yoshida, a talented artist/illustrator has quite the impressive client list, from global retail brands like Converse and LEVI’s, to artists like Blink-182 and PIXIES. We recently sat down with the multi-talented artist and caught up on everything from his career, to his favorite musical artists, and creating artwork for Audio-Technica gaming headsets.

How did you start your career as an artist/illustrator?
I’ve loved drawing since childhood, but I never thought it’d become my full-time job. The first job I had was live painting as part of a surf event in Sydney. I still remember how nervous I was!

You are originally from Japan and currently live in Australia. How did that cultural change impact your work?
I’ve been living in Australia for half of my life now, so it’s impacted my work for sure. I think I do use drawing styles and techniques heavily influenced by my childhood in Japan when I was into Japanese manga / anime culture. But the topic, motif, and message for my work is based on my lifestyle and experiences in Australia. I think you can easily tell after looking at my work.

What elements of your culture are most shown in your work?
As I mentioned, I grew up with Japanese pop, visual culture so all execution of my work will somehow include them.

You designed the artwork for Audio-Technica’s ATH-GL3/ATH-GDL3 headsets. Did the medium of packaging affect your design process?
It didn’t really matter to be honest, originally the team from Audio-Technica reached out with some rough ideas and concepts. We then refined my initial draft which allowed me to focus on the illustration and we worked together to incorporate it into the final package design.

The ATH-GL3 / ATH-GDL3 headset’s designs feature elements like air and earth. Can you tell us how you incorporated these elements into the packaging design?
I started working with the motif I normally draw such as clouds (smoke), the sun and moon, then I built the ideas into the shape. Air was more difficult as I needed to somehow express movement into the graphic. Then we came up with idea of the hurricane motif, and I could use it to incorporate movement. In Japan we have a lot of typhoons and we’ve always lived with this natural phenomenon, so I felt like that motif fit the concept.

You’ve worked with a variety of brands and artists across a multitude of industries. What have been some of your favorite collaborations and what were those experiences like?
It’s been great to work with various brands from multiple industries. My favourite collaboration was with AGNSW (Art Gallery of New South Whales) for the Japan Supernatural Exhibition. I was commissioned to paint a mural inside of the gallery and it was an unforgettable experience for sure.

What was your experience like illustrating the ATH-GL3 / ATH-GDL3 headset versus other projects?
It’s definitely been a new and fresh experience and I’m really glad to have worked with the Audio-Technica team. Regardless of how my illustration is executed for products or brands, it’s been fun working on these designs to make some visual statements for a subjective motif (air and earth).

Can you tell us about your most memorable pieces of artwork and what it represents?
It’s hard to pick one to be honest. I have tried to include personal memories or messages on each of my artworks or projects regardless of if being commercial or personal. For instance, there are layers of paints on my phone case, and each colour reminds me of the projects I’ve worked on.

What is your favorite music to listen to when you’re working?
I used to listen Japanese 90’s rock’n’roll a lot when I was young. As I got older, I started digging young Japanese rappers, producers, and track makers. They give me a lot more energy and motivation to make something!

What is your best piece of advice for individuals who are looking to start a career as an artist or illustrator?
I guess it’s basic stuff but keep drawing over and over! Find the motif, message, or concept you want to execute or communicate and don’t worry what others think you should do. I am still learning a lot of stuff from projects and my daily life too.

How can people keep in touch with you, your work, and upcoming projects?
You can find me on Instagram @kentaro_yoshida for latest projects or just some meaningless stories haha. I am trying to wrap up a couple collab projects and complete my first wall after lockdown. Hopefully there’s more great and meaningful projects ahead for next year!

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