Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100

Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100

Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100

Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100

Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100
Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100
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Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100

Audio-Technica’s Releases New Balanced Headphone Amplifier, AT-BHA100


The increased popularity of high-resolution digital sound sources has resulted in a growing need for high-quality sound with balanced hi-fi headphones. To meet this need, Audio- Technica is offering theAT-BHA100 balanced headphone amplifier and AT-DAC100 digital- to-analogue converter, ideal for use with hi-fi headphones such as the ATH-ADX5000, the ATH-AW Series, and the ATH-MSR7b. This compact desktop unit is compatible with Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and other high-definition formats to reproduce every detail of the original recording.

Hybrid system with vacuum tubes and power transistors

Building on the circuitry and sound quality design developed for Audio-Technic’s AT- HA5050H and AT-HA22TUBE headphone amplifiers, this hybrid system further enhances the beauty and warmth of amplified sound. The unique sonic characteristics create a realistic spatial representation of high-resolution sound sources for a highly immersive experience.

Four independent preamp vacuum tubes

The unit uses ECC83S vacuum tubes made by Slovak manufacturer JJ Electronic, renowned for superior sound quality and reliability. The system uses a four-tube construction, each circuit equipped with its own vacuum tube, for excellent amplifier circuit independence. As the sound is amplified, the natural, rich overtones are brought out for superb depth and sense of presence.

Four power transistors, one for each powered amp circuit

Despite the compact size, the unit features power transistors capable of high-power performance. The wide dynamic range for sound sources with high sampling rates ensures faithful reproduction of the original acoustic environment.

Four completely independent amplifier circuits

For maximum sound separation and resolution, the left and right amplifier circuits and the balanced hot and cold circuits have been separated for a completely independent four-circuit structure. This helps suppress crosstalk for a rich sound field.

Operational amp that highlights the superiority of vacuum tubes

The operational amplifier is a high-quality MUSES8820 manufactured by New Japan Radio (NJR), a brand known for audio-grade components. The result is tonal characteristics to highlight the depth and warmth of the sound from the vacuum tubes.

Relay switches designed specifically for vacuum tubes

The low-noise relay switches offer excellent dynamics that emphasize the spaciousness and vibrancy of the sound created by the vacuum tubes. The switches also eliminate voltage dynamic restrictions from the power supply and noise from the semiconductor power supply.

High-quality audio-grade components

Nichicon chemical capacitors Nichicon capacitors contribute to the low-frequency characteristics of the audio, leading to powerful bass. A 10,000 μF large-capacity chemical capacitor is also installed in the power supply, and four large-capacity chemical capacitors are installed in each channel in the power amp stage, helping to create the realistic sound stage.

Film capacitors from WIMA and Shinyei Capacitor

The device uses film capacitors from WIMA and Shinyei Capacitor, highly regarded names in the industry. These components create smooth, low-distortion sonic characteristics for natural, clear sound.

Four-layer board structure

The board structure uses independent layers for signal circuits, power circuits, and ground circuits. This configuration of signal paths allows for a more efficient use of components resulting in greater capacity and speed, ensuring greater signal stability for rich low frequency control.

Gain selector switch

The built-in low/high gain switch offers support for a wide range of headphones with varying sensitivities and impedances.

Two balanced outputs

Two balanced output terminals—a 4.4 mm (0.17ʺ) TRRS jack and a 4-pin XLR terminal— enable compatibility with a wide range of balanced headphones. Meanwhile, the independent amp circuits provide balanced drive circuits for high-quality sound with maximum noise suppression.

Two 6.3 mm (1/4ʺ) unbalanced outputs

The two 6.3 mm (1/4ʺ) output terminals make it possible to connect two sets of headphones with different impedances at the same time. This enables comparative listening with independent volume adjustment through separate volume knobs.

Line-through output

The included RCA line-through output is useful for building and expanding desktop systems. The line through output can be used for switching between headphones and powered speakers as desired.

Beautiful vented design showcases the internal vacuum tubes

The vacuum tubes are placed inside the main unit for greater reproduction stability while also eliminating unwanted noise. The outer body design includes vents on all four side panels (top, bottom, left, and right) for improved dissipation of heat from the vacuum tubes and a superior signal-to-noise ratio through reduced thermal noise. The warm LED illumination accents the light from the vacuum tubes to create a relaxing listening environment.

Horizontal or vertical orientation for greater layout flexibility

The compact design can be placed vertically or horizontally.

External AC adapter

The external AC adapter makes it possible to separate the power supply from the main unit, eliminating any potential for power supply noise. The large-capacity power supply unit also ensures stable playback.

The plug of the power cord differs depending on the region or country.