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James Lye


James Lye is a music producer, sound artist, associate lecturer, and founder of independent record label Maker Records.

A Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree holder with First Class Honours, James read Music and Music Technology in the UK on two scholarships from Info-Comm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) and Keele University, specialising in digital sonic arts, music composition and production.

Having started his professional career at the age of 17 as a professional guitarist, James took on a variety of roles in the music industry over the years, amassing a diverse body of work including over 5 million digital music streams of various genres and styles.

His passion in arts and technology paved a way for the designing of several interactive and multi-disciplinary productions as part of festivals and events such as the Singapore Biennale, The Substation's Septfest and Heineken City Shaper.

His expertise in music technology-based works also propelled him into the field of Sound Design for theatre production, most recently in works under the directorship of Aidli Mosbit, and Fared Jainal for Teater Ekamatra.

Currently, James produces music and creative content for artists and musicians regionally. He is an associate lecturer at Republic Polytechnic's Diploma in Sonic Arts and is also the founder and managing director of Maker Records, an independent record label specialising in music distribution, publishing and artist management.


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Josh Wei


Josh Wei is a Singaporean record producer and songwriter.

Signed to Universal Music Publishing Group at 19, he is responsible for some of the biggest pop records to come out of Singapore, including Gentle Bones’ ‘I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You’. With over 30 million streams collectively, it is the highest-streaming record by a domestic act (English) in the history of the country. He also worked with JYP’s Stray Kids on ‘Sunshine’. It is part of the ‘Cle: Levanter’ album, which hit #1 on the iTunes Album Charts in 18 countries worldwide.
In 2020, he worked on the soundtrack for Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Turning’, which includes songs from Kali Uchis, Courtney Love and MUNA. He also co-produced ‘Soldiers’ for Rachel Platten, which in addition to being released as a single, was also the soundtrack to a nationwide CBS primetime network promotional spot and American Idol’s 19th Season.

Edric Hwang


As co-founder of GRYD and signed songwriter to Universal Music Publishing, Edric and his team have had the privilege of working with international artists, brands and labels such as Universal Music, Warner music, Marvel Studios, MSI Gaming, Riot Games, Facebook and many more. He is the mix engineer behind multiple chart topping albums and singles in Singapore, Taiwan and the USA. He has also worked with Grammy-award winning artists as well as on music for Hollywood-China films.

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Leonard Soosay


Leonard Soosay is the Director of Singapore-based recording and mixing studio, Snakeweed Studios.

Soosay, arguably one of Singapore's most famous & well-known independent Music Producers and Sound Engineers, has produced and recorded over 500 local artists since 1997 such as Electrico, Ronin and Parking Lot Pimp.


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