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This is Benzo. Yes, that’s right - Benzo, the popular personality from Wah!Banana and TCP Artistes! Known for his ability to dance and perform for comedy skits, Benzo is more than just a YouTuber or a dancer. The real Benzohas many more talents that are undiscovered and we are excited for you to find out more about him!

He has been dancing for 15 years and counting, he has joined numerous competitions even one in Australia called 'World Supremacy Battlegrounds' where he and his team won champion. Benzo has been a dance coach for 6 years, coaching youths not just in dance but values that they can use in life.

Other than YouTube, Benzo is set to make waves on television as well! Benzo was recently part of the main cast for the popular Channel 8 / Toggle Original Series – My Agent is Hero and his performance in it was applauded by many! Benzo is also currently filming for the highly rated Channel 5 Series – KIN, where he plays Gabriel Teo, a kind hearted father of two very adorable boys! Benzo also recently wrapped up the filming for another Toggle Original Series – Love by Numbers.

He was recently chosen as one of the faces for Tissot’s latest campaign where they featured a different side of Benzo in action. Benzo has also worked with many reputable brands, including Air Asia, Shopee, Sensodyne, Mentos and many more!

Billy Chua


Billy is Singapore’s pioneering and most-watched music vlogger under the Instagram moniker “FIREWEED” (@fireeweed). 

As a musician, Billy is best known as the full-time drummer of Disco Hue, a successful Synth Pop outfit that signed with major label, Warner Music Singapore (2018-2020). He is also a sought after session drummer, working with independent and major label artists since 2017. He has had experience performing overseas in countries like Japan and Vietnam, as well as international music festivals such as Formula One’s Singapore Grand Prix, Monsoon Music Festival, Neon Lights, and more.

On top of his duties as a performer, Billy is also the co-founder of The Drummers’ Community (@thedrummerco), a collective dedicated to drumming resource & knowledge sharing. Past events include co-hosting masterclasses by world-renowned drummers such as Brendan Buckley (Shakira, Damien Rice, Tegan And Sara) and their flagship event, “The Drummer’s Carnival”.

Billy is also one half of the comedic multimedia duo, WOKFUNK that produces unique musical content to entertain the masses.

Find out more about what Billy is up to here:



Photo taken by: @_hongjunxd

Benjamin Mah


Benjamin is the band leader and music director of one of Singapore’s well-recognized R&B and Funk acts, the Astronauts. To date, the quartet has released an EP and a slew of singles that showcase the band’s favorite blend of Funk-infused pop and R&B ballads. 

Benjamin is also an active session musician in Singapore’s pop scene and has worked with both independent and major label artists. He has had the opportunity to perform internationally (Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam) with notable shows including Mediacorp’s nationally-broadcasted countdown shows (2017, 2019), Formula One’s Singapore Grand Prix, Monsoon Music Festival, Neon Lights, and more.

In addition, Benjamin is one half of the comedic, multimedia duo, WOKFUNK that produces music content and unique performance concepts to entertain the masses.


You can find Ben’s various projects at:



Photo taken by: @_hongjunxd



WOKFUNK is the comedic brainchild of young Singaporean musicians Billy Chua (drums) and Benjamin Mah (bass). Best known in Singapore for their work in their respective bands and frequent session work in Singapore’s English Pop scene, the two began to create online content in 2018 as a reminder that music can, and should always be fun.

The “WOK” in WOKFUNK directly references the large cooking pot used in Southeast Asian cuisine. The duo were inspired by the percussive nature of “street food” cooking and the brand WOKFUNK now encapsulates both their heritage and their light-hearted approach to music.

In Singapore, WOKFUNK is proud to be the first group to create relevant and consistent musician-targeted entertainment while still playing the island’s biggest festivals and touring the region.

Kyle Ong

Kyle Ong, a graduate of LASALLE College of the Arts made his TV directorial debut with 2017’s #NoFilter as part of Discovery Channel’s Jump Cut Asia program.

A self-dubbed Creative Swiss Knife, Kyle has spent the past 7 years working on video & photo projects for brands such as Nikon, DBS, Singtel, Starhub and Sunsilk ranging anything from directing, production to post-production. He is also in the midst of producing his first Full-Length documentary slated for release in 2021, Not Your Average 9 to 5 (tentative title), a film that tears down the glamorous social media filters and unveil the passion and the struggles of everyday people who made a career choice of freelancing.





HANTU is a content company that specialises in developing and producing Horror IPs in the Southeast Asia region, anything from Podcasts, Films, TV Series to even comics. One of the first Horror IP that we’ve developed, GHOST MAPS is currently run one of the Biggest Southeast Asia Horror Podcast, garnering a monthly average of around 75,000 listeners globally as of November 2020.



Lyra Beins-Stewart


Lyra Beins-Stewart is an audio producer, voiceover artist and talent manager with a background in film and video production. She believes that a production or performance is a means of communication that should always serve the content and ultimately, the audience.

In her almost thirty years in the industry, she has directed, produced and edited audio and video content, coordinated Bollywood film productions, sung on commercial jingles, managed a recording studio and production house and of course done countless voiceovers.

She is known for being somewhat of a chameleon when doing voiceovers thanks to her versatility in reading style, voice tone and colour. This enables her to handle scripts for almost any type of content – from documentaries to commercials, corporate to explainer videos, eLearning to audio books and storytelling for kids; and even content that requires children’s voices. She has worked with clients around the world; one project in particular, an SIA marketing campaign called ‘The Lengths We Go To’ was commissioned by an agency in the Netherlands and clients attended and directed the sessions virtually from Paris, Moscow, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

When she’s not in the VO booth, you can find Lyra on the other side of the studio – in the control room, producing audio and directing voiceover artists for eLearning programmes, corporate and marketing videos, commercials and educational content.

Outside of work, Lyra mentors youths in audio and video production techniques, geeks over audio gear and music, sketches and cooks among a host of other interests.


Follow Lyra:

Instagram: @lyramessalina
Facebook: Lyra Beins-Stewart: Singapore Voiceover Artist
YouTube: Lyra Beins-Stewart Voiceover Artist


Photo by: Ian Dennis D’Rozario

Randomly Relatable SG


Randomly Relatable SG (RRSG) podcasts host profiles:

Sabrina Shiraz

Sabrina is the co-host/co-founder of RRSG. Her corporate title is Project Manager where she in charge of handling design collaterals for the podcast, liaising with clients and content creation/ideation. She is currently working full time as a Sales and marketing executive and handling content creation.

She is a Bachelors of Professional Communications graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Being the female voice of the podcast, she gives a balance perspective between Shuraim and Uwais to ensure that there is a check and balance of views. Her on air personality is that she is a cheerful, vibrant and sometimes oblivious/unaware individual. However, her branding is that she is more than what meets the eye. Her intellect and wit will show in the podcast from time to time.

Uwais Hatta

Uwais is the co-host/co-founder of RRSG. His corporate title is Business Development Manager where he is charged with closing deals, finding leads, ensuring RRSG’s growth by planning strategies and content creation/ideation.

He is currently an undergraduate at the Singapore Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering. Uwais brings humor to the conversation and is known to be the funny personality on RRSG’s podcast. He is deemed to be the “in your face” character that everyone knows. His on air personality is that he is direct in his questions, funny and loud (provides the energy in the podcast).

Shuraim Basir

Shuraim is the co-host/co-founder of RRSG. His corporate title is Digital Content Manager where he is charged with ensuring the quality of the audio and video content, content creation/ideation and is in charge of the PR of RRSG. He is currently working full time as a client service associate handling advertising.

He is a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications and Public Relations graduate from Northumbria University (Newcastle). Shuraim is known as the voice of reason and ensuring political correctness where appropriate throughout the podcast. His on air personality is that he is the person that is passionate about social/youth issues, non-reactive/passive nature and being the “older” one that provides perspectives from a more mature point of view.



Preeti Nair, better known as Preetipls (Singapore’s TOP everything), is best known for her satirical comedy videos on social media.

She believes that being an 'influencer' means having the opportunity to use her platform and influence to spread positive social change and raise awareness about causes that are close to her heart.

Offline, Preetipls has made her first stand up comedy show debut on the lineup of Dream Academy's Happy Ever Laughter 2018.

She is also invested in social causes close to her heart such as LGBTQ+ rights and wildlife conservation. She was appointed as one of the ambassadors for Pink Dot 2019 and also a WWF ambassador in 2019.

She launched her podcast, "Chai Me, Bitch" in August 2020 and gives her audience her take on everything and anything all with a cuppa Chai in hand!

Follow Preetipls:

Raven Lim


Raven Lim is a serial podcaster who co-founded Tomboy Tirade in 2013,  Asia's first comedy chat podcast, which broke barriers during its 4-year run as it featured an all-female panel with Asian women as producers and co-hosts. Now she helps subject matter experts, organisations, and companies launch podcasts and amplify their brand voices, through her company, MeaVox Live. Among the podcasts she has helped to launch is Freelance Creative Exchange, Singapore's first podcast for creative freelancers.

As one of the pioneer podcasters in Singapore, Raven embarks on a personal mission to promote the local podcasting industries in Singapore and Asia. She runs The Podcast Collective Asia group on Facebook and has organised many podcast community events in Singapore and Asia, such as Asia Podcast Summit and Awards, Asia's first ever podcasting summit and awards show in 2019. She is also one of the 10 finalists of the inaugural Audible Accelerator Singapore. Her fiction podcast, Virtual Insanity, a cross cultural romantic comedy about two hardcore gamers building their first game together, is now available on Audible.



MeaVox Live:

I just want to say again I appreciate Audio Technica coming onboard as an audio partner for Freelance Creative Exchange and the opportunity to test and use the microphones.

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